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WoS6 - (mostly) positive feedback <3

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I'm unsure if I understand the 'time invested' complaint I see everywhere.. I'm a new'ish player so maybe I'm missing something, but even if I pretty much ignore the whole NW system, I'm still going to complete a challenge here and there, eventually having the credits needed to buy the Niatin etc. that I need and then some. I also think the complainers fail to account for the time previously invested constantly checking for alerts, which also disrupts a lot of activities in the game, e.g. you finally found a great random group for what you are farming, until suddenly one of them has to leave because an alert they need came on..

In short - not having to check for alerts all the time feels amazing.

What troubles me a bit, is the ranking reward ladder (which in itself is great/enticing), combined with the 'X weeks' looming deadline. A lot of us have work and families you know, so please DE.. at least be transparent about roughly how long until the same wave returns, and please let us keep our old rank when that happens.

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