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MOAnimation Design Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Here's mine, just in time:

It's based on the drinking bird toy, the drinking Moa!


Here's a link to the Youtube upload, it's much better quality. (Seriously. It's in glorious 60 FPS)

Here's a video of the toy in action; for reference.

Multiple angles!

I know it's not the pet Moa, but I realized that after the model and rig were already created, so I hope it's not a deal breaker.
It's more of a stand-alone emote, but maybe they could do it when they're near water in Fortuna and Cetus. 

(I also noticed in the example video, you use Maya. Maya represent!) 

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This would be an easy modification of the B-Boy Windmill Break Move,

to a direct Power Windmill, which is

“performed without the use of hands 

usually rotating using the head as the pivot point; 

results in a much faster rotation.”

“Some believe that it originated ... having been inspired 

by a Kung Fu kick from the ground.”

The brief clip compares the Windmill video as dance in Wikipedia, 

with it’s application as a martial arts move in DOA 5 & 6.

Note. The video is NOT meant to be or represent the proposed animation,

only to provide a demonstration of what is being proposed to adapt from 

performance by Human physiology to that of a Moa.

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Upon failing a hack, the moa will bow slightly with its head down, shaking it side-to-side in disappointment while also making a sound similar to the “womp womp womp” of a trombone (sound varies slightly depending on personality used (or not used))

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MOA Companion Animation Idea Submission

By: GatNice


--MOA Idling[a.k.a out of combat state] (Timer set by DE)

--Suddenly the companion performs a small peek animation over shoulder (random each time).

--Suddenly, as if detecting foreign anomalies, the MOA hops up off one leg -- >> "compacts its form to resemble a "Video cam" type shape -->> Rotates 90deg CW then immediately 180CCW ( Sweeping motion but with a lil urgency ) "Like huh!!? What's that!>?!? Who's there>??!!" sorta emote

--Finally MOA graceful returns to fully extended "walking mode" w/a slight shrug like, "meh whatevs"! 

--MOA returns to regular state.



My art skills are 2nd to every1 so I'll only be able to explain this in text form(My apologies).  If any further comms are necessary for clarity I'd be more than happy to assist that way. 

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Thank you for sharing your ideas with us! 😄 Elyse had too tough a time narrowing down to 5 top submissions, so we have a Top 6! Design Council voting to choose the winning animation begins today! We'll let you know which animation will be added in-game on Thursday, March 21. Stay tuned!

MOAnimation Design Contest Top 6:

MOAnimation Design Contest Honorable Mentions:


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