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Display Driver Stopped Responding...


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Today I have started to get the "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" message. The game either dies and drops to windows or continue to run in a minimised mode that I can't access.


Have been playing since U8 something and had very few stability issues until U10 (maybe three to five crashes in total over 150+ hours of gameplay), and then only when repeatedly switching between Warframe and Windows.


I have no problems with the lobby, crash accur most often directly at the beginning (or just before the beginning) of a game when loading is done, otherwise after a few minutes in a session. Orokin Derelects seems to be the biggest problem. The problem didn't turn up directly with U10, I did at least 10 missions without any problems before issues started. It coincided with my first run at a Derelict (ext).

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