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Spawn Closet Crisis

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Over the past week, I have noticed more and more corrupted enemies that spawn inside of walls, in ceilings and stuck in the floor of the tile. This happens during survival relic runs more often than others. As a solo player, trying to find and kill hidden enemies that spawn this way is frustrating. The corrupted that spawn in areas unreachable to normal weapons (some warframe abilities and explosives work) and cause the overall spawn rate of enemies to decline drastically. I just spent 25 minutes cracking only 3 relics due to this. Before anyone asks, yes, I know how the relic and survival mechanics work, no I am not running all over the tile sets.

Please, this issue is worsening and not being addressed. Please collapse the corrupted spawn lockers and relegate them to regular Corpus/Grineer/infested spawn closets. I understand that the 'random' corrupted spawns are part of relic running, however, if the Corrupted effectively kill the spawn rate at which you can crack relics with reactant then what is the point? You're very busy, sure, but the sorry state that are the Corrupted spawn lockers is unacceptable. They should not, and were never intended to, spawn inside walls, in ceilings and floors remaining unreachable by means of normal weapons (not launchers, Warframe abilities, explosives etc.)

Considering the incentive for digital Tennocon tickets is Baro'kiteer, whom requires ducats, which require melting down prime components obtained from relics, of which require reactant to crack open which relies on the Corrupted spawning in correctly. It seems it bruises the idea of getting a digital ticket (fashion incentives not withstanding)

I cannot ignore this issue any longer than I have and not try and make a case. Please, I implore you to fix this system as soon as possible. The Corrupted spawn lockers have always seemed broken but it seems that the problem is worsening and it has been left to fester. If there is anyone else that has noticed this problem increase, please say something. I cannot be the only player to notice this.

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