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Archwing Launcher Resource Refund

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So I have just had a chance to properly look at my inventory since I have recently started farming resources after playing occasionally for a few months. I have realised that since the Archwing launcher change was made in update  23 there was no script run by DE to refund players the excess archwing launchers that they built. Prior to the update I would build a launcher after every mission or so to the extent that I had a stash of 1,025. In total I have invested:
51,250 Iradite and Grokdrul
30,750 Fish Oil
615,000 Circuits
7,687,500 Credits

I never really noticed it until now as I never really thought it was necessary to check, DE usually runs some sort of a script after they make changes to things that players invest their resources into.  To be honest I don't really need 1,025 archwing launchers when one will do. Obviously, I would like my resources and credits back but I would like to know if anyone else has been affected also.

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Here Here is an update:


Surely running a script to refund the resources used would be the fair thing to do. This seems like just a blind application of policy with regards to items claimed from the foundry, this situation is different as the only reason I am requesting the refund is because DE made excess archwing launchers obselete. Unfortunately they just closed the case without allowing for further discussion.

Quite upset with this, as I invested my time and resources into stockpiling and the point I have raised has just been met with a "computer says no" reply. Thumbs down DE.

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