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[DE]constructing - Episode II - Animation with Tim & Elyse

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The latest episode of the [DE]constructing Podcast has arrived!

Tune in to this month’s episode for an in-depth conversation with DE Animation team members Tim Sormin, and Elyse Gymer! Covering a breadth of topics including motion capture, animating the characters of Fortuna and much much more!

Tim and Elyse were kind enough to share some of their favorite resources for animation! Check them out here:
The AniMates 
The AniMates Discord 
AnimState discord 
Game Anim 

Tune in now on YoutubeSpotifySoundcloudGoogle Play, and iTunes!

P.S. You may notice that Megan has evolved into Cephalon Megan for this episode, making her voice a little strange throughout the recording. We’re still working out the kinks of our podcasting set up. Thanks for your understanding, Tenno!

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Was a blast to listen to. I adore these podcasts, as we don't usually get to hear from the folks who make the game what it is. Always fun to, as Steve says, see how the sausage is made!

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this was really interesting. I was surprised to learn you had a mocap set up and you did all of it in house. not to degrade Tim's athleticism, but learning all of this made me wonder why you guys haven't tried outsourcing motion capture to your local martial arts or dance studio or something.


But seriously, this is great and it's a blast learning about the back end. Thank you!

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