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A Few Issues (U10 And Prior) That (Still) Need Fixing.


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Carrier - Vacuum: Not always collecting items clearly in range, and visible to the tenno, but apparently body-blocked by him/her so the Sentinel won't pick them up?

Similar issue exists when any sentinel fires at an enemy and the Tenno gets in the way. Consider making the Sentinel sway around to get a clear shot.


Carrier: Emblems/Badges are not aligned with the model and just float near the "handle"

Carrier: Clipping issues with some masks and wings (Hunhow Mask being the biggest offender for clipping into the actual Sentinel's "eyeball".


Sentinel Weapons have a customization menu, however they have no physical weapon model, and the glow color doesn't actually alter their projectiles. Even if that is unintentionally there, please let us color the projectiles/FX.


Melee Weapon: Still the occasional lock-up where the character remains in block or post-attack pose for a prolonged amount of time, unable to fight. Sometimes can be unlocked by firing your main weapon, sometimes not.


Infested Ancients: Still love to speed-hack when attacked by fire (?), which breaks their animation if also affected by Ice (moving faster than their legs or outright sliding while motionless)


Shield Lancers and Ancients still have the sadistic thought process of ignoring EVERYTHING in order to charge-and-slam a Tenno in the face. All at once. There really should be some variation to avoid 20 Shield Lancers all charging at once to your position to stunlock and bounce your body around on the floor.


Enemies shouldn't try activating control panels that are close to the Tenno and involve having to run past them.


Grineer Bombardier's rockets (apparently) cannot be shot down. Considering the Ogris ones can be and it is REALLY easy for the enemy to do so, this seems like a bug(?)


Sentinels tend to take damage from Grineer Napalm's ground-crawling-fire attack even when the Tenno themselves are out of range.


Survival Life Support RNG and beacon spawn locations should be revised to make it actually possible to get proper rewards in solo-mode. Past 5 minutes and with nerfed stamina, getting to the beacons and back on your way towards the exit usually takes longer than the 30% that activating the stupid things gives. Considering you're just 1 Tenno, I think you would consume less air than a team of 4.


- Overlapping issues in the Lab when checking the Djinn research.

- UI hard to read when customizing your warframe/sentinel and the background behind the white text is also bright.


(Apparently) Since U10, frames are having a harder time doing either type of wall-run, even with full stamina bar. They will either perform a vertical run when clearly you were going for a horizontal one (see Grineer Ships, the two alcoves in the + shaped corridor, where you run across a large pipe to get from one to another) or just jump along and instantly fall down.

Doing vertical runs has the Tenno stop if there's a small lip on top, I remember being able to climb up, now they just run in place until stamina runs out and they start sliding down...



Some may be bugs, others personal grievances or opinions, but there you have some things to look at. XD

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