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Buried Debts: Update 24.4.0

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6 minutes ago, Umgak said:

Why does my Zaw (Sepfahn - Shtung - Ekwana Jai II) now innately deal Heat damage and zero physical? Thing's worthless now. In the Equip screen it shows the correct base stats (24.5 slash, 5.3 puncture, 5.3 impact) but once equipped it instead shows 109 Heat and nothing else.

EDIT: New bug: All Sepfahn strike Zaws deal pure Heat damage, with no Slash, Puncture, or Impact.

Investigating! Thanks for reporting. 

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Criticism - Is feeling the community veteran, newplayer, and casual player is one side check the video yourself

Fix login and when get auto kick out of the game for no reason (glitch or a bug)

- between 1 min and 5 min in my account

- an fix informations error with the password

  Dear DE, there something that need to change, evolve or evolution

the game that people need to change mind (stop pick and choose).

An pls stop asking, is it to ask (community need to stop ask DE)

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24 minutes ago, Raun said:

Mine won't load up. I got the update and even got to hear the strangely broken "We all lift" tune, but after I press Play, my cursor does the loading thing and Warframe is just gone. Like it closes itself. I can even press the shortcut again only to have it load to the play part again.

I'm sending a video on Twitter to show what I mean.

Mine did this as well. I changed my graphics acceleration or whatever it was called from DX11 to DX10 and it works again. DX11 has worked before on my system so no clue what the issue is. 

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Restoring your Controller bindings to 'Default' should work around the issue for now while we investigate a solution. 

Wait, wait. Are yall having a sleepover at DE?

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59 minutes ago, DeathshotSE said:

First and foremost it is an archgun so you can use it in Archwing missions. Archgun Deployer is a bonus you earn.

Okay? You think I want to play Archwing missions just so I can use it? News flash bud, most people don't play Warframe for Archwing... the main point of Hildryn's signature weapon is that it's not primarily for Archwing. It's her signature weapon, it should include the deployer in the bundle anyway. Just another questionable decision by DE.

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Ok, I think I've found a pseudo workaround until they can fix this massive melee channeling issue. If your melee attack is mapped to R3(press right analog button) this should work for you. Once melee channel is mapped to aim weapon, click on the show level map button and change that one to aim weapon. It will look like it completely removes melee channel, you're then safe to swap show level map and aim weapons buttons. Once you save and exit the configure controller, melee channel defaults back to R3 but here's the kicker, melee channel will NOT override melee attack. So you're free to melee attack and aim/fire all you want at the cost of never activating melee channel(small price to pay imo)


That's how my setup is looking right now, melee works fine as does aiming and firing.


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how to do melee block combo? kinda can't do melee block combos anymore, blocking is auto while melee is equipped, but cannot execute block melee combos, can someone explain this?

edit: ok i reset my key bindings to default and block combos work again, but exodia contagion still doesn't work


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52 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working. melee is literally unplayable at it's current state. 



Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger whereas before it lowers the shield towards the hand when you start swinging.

Before chimera update:




  • atlas's loincloth is buggy when using weapons like heavy blade swords and single handed pistols.



  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped




  • perla pistol skin is bugged for arca sisco, stubba,euphona prime, and pandero once again.

arca sisco




euphona prime




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I didn’t see any info about it in the patch notes ... but if I didn’t miss it, when will orb fights get better rewards? Standing alone just doesn’t give the profit taker much of a reason to keep me coming back (and the bounties tied to the first orb fight offers resources and 1 strain mod per tier, the other drops are less desirable). And if the new orb only drops Hyldren parts (not including its potential bounty drops), I won’t see myself doing it over again either once I get Hyldren. Will we ever see orbs dropping any rewards as good as eidolon drops (rare mods and arcanes) outside of the bounty drop table?

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