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Melee Revisit: Phase 1 Feedback Megathread

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On 2019-07-15 at 1:54 PM, Maka.Bones said:

Well sucks for you, but DE had to prepare for tennocon... which many people actually did enjoy (so I wouldn't call any of this rubbish). And now they're getting back on track with things, so you're still gonna have to wait a while. 🙂

It would be really beneficial for all of us to be patient, if we really want the devs to do a good job on melee. So please if you want melee to improve, be nice and be patient.

Call me toxic sh*t, but you not gold hunter

Please Simple : Add toggle block On/Off that simple . Patient  for half years ? A simple solution ? Problems with using items from gear wheel . What the f*ck ?

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I wrote this in a General Discussion thread, but wanted it seen in a Feedback thread instead:


Quick Melee had (compared to combos, at least for how I play(ed)):
Precision - you knew the exact pattern that repeated quickly and where the path of the weapon would go, being able to time and aim slashes. Due to the old polearm quick melee slashes being diagonals, you could hit aerial and crawling targets without jumping and whiffing all over the place, or relying on slams or finding the exact move in a combo that strikes in the area you want to hit, and time it so the combo strikes that place at that time.

Power - because combos are often slow, flashy, and take control of movement, you get locked into attack patterns that completely miss enemies, attacking at a slower rate, and leaving yourself open to enemies from all sides. Because of all of that, despite lacking in multipliers and forced status procs, the reliable, focused, accuracy of directing all of your blows to land exactly where you want them, made quick melee stronger.

Fluidity - since quick melee did not root you in place, you could swiftly move across a battlefield, slashing through the hordes. The fluidity was even better for quickly choosing to shoot an enemy and then, when out of ammo, automatically reload after dealing with something with a melee slash or two. Even more fluid, was the ability to use gear wheel tools like the Simaris Scanner or fishing and mining, and defend yourself with melee for tiny random skirmishes, without needing to go back to the gear wheel after every single attack, to return to the task at hand.

There's more... but yeah, bring Quick Melee back, PLEASE.



If "Quick Melee" doesn't come back, in favor of just adding new combos (which would only superficially address the issues of Melee 2.7): if those new combos take control of my movement, lock me into attack patterns, root me, fling me past enemies I'm currently engaged with, fling me over cliffs, or ragdoll enemies out of my range... I will only use combos "by accident"... and will dread every second that I don't have precise, powerful, fluid control of my actions. Just a head's-up for the devs.


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