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Hildryn Feedback Megathread

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Even through I haven`t played Hildryn, I talked about her abilities based on what I saw from the dev and I'm doing this because I honestly don`t think DE takes console players feedback into account when we finally play a new warframe. Who knows my idea on her abilities might help.

1st ability:

·       I think her exalted firearm should either be a sub-machine pistol or (which I prefer) visually is an arm cannon (like metroid or megaman) that has the same mechanics like the battacore.

·       The normal fire is a burst fire trigger type that does impact, puncture, and slash damage with Hight critical chance that will store up charges.

·        The secondary fire charges up the stored charges that does status damage and fires a beam.

·       The damage of the weapon is based on secondary weapon mods.

·       You can visually customise the colour of the exalted weapon.

·       (Synergy) While using your 4th ability you have two guns (as we know), If you hold the secondary fire button, you have the ability to highlight multi targets to fire upon them like how Ash`s bs works (which this mechanic is WAY better on her than on ash).

·       Successfully killing an enemy in one shot will give you an extra charge shot.

·       This ability can be activated in the air, while running and is a one-handed animation.


2nd ability:

·       Enimies with no shields or armour should take extra damage.

·       The status effect that she takes from allies should be absorbed into her storing up the damage.

·       (Synergy) The status damage she absorbed should be dished out either in her 3rd ability or when she dashes.

·       Dashing into enemies should cause a knockdown. (because of how butch she is)


3rd ability:

·       The streams should at least be 20m to reach enemies and allies.

·       The damage should not be damage a second but instead should be continues damage like how beam weapons work.

·       They should also work as tethers that will slow enemies down.


4th ability:

·       While in use, she receives 50% movement speed.

·       She needs to be able to move with ease. (no zero gravity)

·       Upon deactivation, she should proc blast damage causing enemies to ragdoll.

·       On deactivation, pressing the ability will cause enemies to be knocked down while holding it will cause enemies to be ragdolled.


BTW If anyone can tell me what kind of warframe she let me know. Me personally from her description, I see her as a advanced soldier warframe.

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13 hours ago, Vahnstahd said:

I use rapid resilience on top of a ton of power strength and fast shield regen vs mass amounts of shields to hit overshields constantly, plus i use arcane aegis and barrier on top of that, with rapid resilience and adaptation I usually can clear it 80+ % of the time before it even damages me for any large amount of hp. Should give it a try.

But how does any of that help against toxin oneshots? Either I'm missing something or we're not talking about the same thing.

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13 hours ago, CoreXCZ said:

Why I am getting feeling this frame, especially Shield Pillage is another nail to Mag's coffin? Shield Pillage basically does what Mag's Polarize do. I guess people forgot about Mag completely since everyone is saying "wonderful" but ignores what's truly visible.

Sorry, DE, but what I see on Shield Pillage is sheer laziness to think of unique 2nd ability for Hildryn, you're copying already existing ability to it's fullest, there's nothing unique about this ability besides it's visual effect, shameful.

imo, they are similar abilities, but have different priorities. Mag is primarily not a tank but an AoE debuffer. With an augmented crush and then polarize, you can easily strip 80+% of high level armor permanently. No line of sight requirement. The shield restore is the bonus and is does not scale with enemy armor/shield values

Hildryn's Shield pillage is much more defensive as it requires LoS and does not really do damage. Being able to strip 50+% with 200+% power strength is nice, but it kind of is necessary for Hildryn to do any damage at all since you do not want Corrosive projection on your team. Obviously, 50% strip with LoS is not as effective as an 80% strip through walls, but I do have to admit shield pillage is easily spamable.

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Base stats

  • give Hildryn 300 base health, 1shot slash/toxin proc on lvl 50 enemies is absurd, reloading HEMA is also NONO
  • or give her built in status immunity when overshields are activated


  • the default 3 Vazarin polarities (1 for exylus slot) are great, PRIMED SURE FOOTED is real sweet
  • the default Naramon polarity is also welcomed for the aura slot
  • I wish there was a new aura MOD special for Hildryn, say 50% more base shields? (we have STAND UNITED, PHISIQUE, why not something for shields? Volt, Mag will thank you too)


  • I wish along with her current passive she could also have half shield recharge delay


  • AUGUR PACT mod equipped doesn't stack with other with other set mods on Hildryn (AUGUR REACH, AUGUR ACCORD) important
  • perhaps more power strength will increase STATUS and/or CRITICAL chance
  • but great ability overall, well done DE

Shield Pillage

  • it needs to showcase how much armor does it actually drain, with 200% POWER STRENGTH, it shows 49% shield drain, but no info on how much armor does it drain, which is super confusing, see below why
  • armor stripping is either incorrect or doesn't scale for some reason, for instance going up against lvl 160 Corrupted Heavy Gunners casting the ability 3 times (considering 200% PS), they still show orange health bar, but after about 7 casts they actually have been completely stripped of armor
  • the range is misleading/incorrect, with 8m range it looks more like ~15m range
  • the ability is completely useless against the infested, the support aspect of Hildryn is completely gone, perhaps make the ability drain Infested Moa and Ancient energy?


  • a good one overall, I wish it would work better with AUGUR set mods (x% of energy used by abilities returns to shields)

Aegis Storm

  • looks&sounds nice overall, very well done
  • the ability to dash/dodge is missing and quite needed
  • ability to revive ally while ability is active is a must for a support frame
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il y a 55 minutes, buleandra a dit :

or give her built in status immunity when overshields are activated

The statuses are already redirected to the shields when the overshields are raised. This mechanic does not work with levels above 20.\

If they want to keep this mechanics, they have to change the priority of spending shields for Hildryn with overshields->shields->hp until shields->overshields->hp/ This gives you the opportunity to stock up on overshields a large amount of time even against infected. In this case use the passive all the time is not profitable.

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constructive feedback:

i am not fine with this particular way to introduce a new frame. 

normally you give the free candy to the content creators and the lower folks have to farm for it or put out the plat.
this time there is no way to farm it yet. i am somewhat fine with it, that partners get all for free and that ppl who invest plat get it sooner.
but not being able to start to work for a new frame AT ALL the normal way angers me. 

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well.. overall I like her. as she is currently, the recent addition of an air-dash to her Aegis storm is pleasant. but still not enough. her base speed in it at least needs to match standard run movement. also the altitude cap on it is pretty low. its kind of strange seeing her fall into a bottomless pit With a Jetpack on! and it doesnt always register certain thinner walkways as floor so sometimes you wind up drifting down infuriatingly onto a surface. other than that, she performs pretty well.


Balefire is.. fine. the charge time and slow down during charging and firing is god awful. but it does deal a buttload of damage.

haven can burn out your shields fast and wind up emptying hildryn's tank before any ally actually winds up benefitting from the buffs.

and shield pillage works fine except against non shielded targets, as the armorstrip to shield conversion ratio is a little underwhelming it makes things a little harder on her.


Overall she's pretty good. I do think shield gating should be initialized for all warframes period in the near future, and have hildryn's buff be something more along the line of a Damage Reduction to shields that gets shared in haven.


I did have some of the initial concerns that she was muscling in on Mag's turf. but In all honesty. they actually synergize so well together i cant be mad. and they do still feel different and unique


I am glad they lowered the rank requirement on her blueprint, however like the above poster. I'm not too pleased with the way she was released, being unfarmable for the first week of her release. it feels a bit too much like something other lesser developers would do.

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forgot an additional point
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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Hildryn Changes and Fixes:

  • Hildryn can use her custom dodge while in Aegis Storm at the cost of her Shields (50). We're starting with this cost because many abilities of this nature have movement restrictions that can be overcome with Augments (Peacemaker, Resonating Quake, Assimilate). We want to try out a movement cost before we tweak further based on feedback. 
  • Removed additional sound for Hildryn's Haven ability based on feedback.
  • Removed ability to access Gear/Emote/Hotkeys when Hildryn is in Aegis Storm due to it breaking functionality. 
  • Fixed Clients seeing incorrect animation when observing a Host Hildryn in her Aegis Storm ability. 

Those abilities are the wrong point of comparison for Aegis Storm. Aegis Storm is far more comparable to Razorwing - a channeled skill, that allows air movement, provides CC, and allows only the use of an exalted weapon. While Aegis Storm comes up favorably to Razorwing in the CC department (and ability to use Aviator) it failes in all others. Balefire simply are not as effective as Dex Pixia, and Aegis Storm isn't even currently free flight - it can fall in pits! And if you're focusing in on the damage caused by Aegis Storm, Titania's Razorflies do more before they die.


I don't think Aegis Storm should be as fast as Razorwing, but being able to fly at sprint speeds and still make use of dodging seems like it should be a bare minimum. Especially if it's going to keep us locked to Balefire, which right now, isn't much better than Wukong's staff as far as exalted weapons go. Hell, even if you allowed Hildryn to use her primary and secondary in Aegis Storm, it still would not compete with Dex Pixia.


Copy/pasting my post from the hotfix thread to here as well.

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Hildryn's Balefire is very buggy: 

The tldr is that if you cast balefire while an archgun is in your hand, then uncast it, you lose the following:
- Your melee weapon (until Ordis gives it back to you at extraction)
- Your archgun (enter the cooldown timer)
- Your ability to cast Balefire (gives you the "Ability in Use" message)
- You hold an imaginary gun that doesn't shoot.

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So I've put a lot of time into Hildryn since her release and really enjoy the feel of the warframe overall. Despite this, she does feel a little lacking in a few areas.

Balefire is a rather decent exalted weapon. Its damage is in a really good spot though the AoE could possibly do with a slight increase in range. (The staticor's charge shot is very comparable and often has a significantly larger AoE than a fully modded balefire). 

Shield Pillage
When shield pillage works it's an outstanding ability. However, I've found myself in countless situations where the ability is unable to fulfill the role it's supposed to. Against the Grineer in a squad running 4 corrosive projections or, more commonly, the infested - the ability doesn't provide Hildryn with that much-needed sustain. I believe the best solution would be to allow her to steal a portion of health from enemies without shields or armour. 

While haven certainly doesn't feel like an outstanding ability, I believe the ability is alright in the state it is in currently. Perhaps adding some synergy such as "haven does double damage while in Aegis Storm" would allow the ability to feel a little stronger, though the utility provided by the shield gate definitely comes in handy. 

Aegis Storm
The recent patch cleared up the mobility issue with Aegis Storm and the ability feels much better to use. There are however a few improvements that I think could be made.
- Increase the AoE of Aegis Storm's effect
- Increase the height at which Hildryn can hover while in Aegis Storm
- Allow Hildryn to ADS while in Aegis Storm
- Allow Hildryn to use Shield Pillage

Currently, I often find myself struggling to keep enemies within the range of Aegis Storm. The range feels as if it's just short of the area where the CC could be useful - often, I encounter situations where I've already taken care of threat using balefire by the time I'm able to move in range and take advantage of Aegis Storm. I believe a slight increase in the AoE size would go a long way in making the ability feel a lot more useful. 

While flying as a tenno-powered helicopter certainly feels cool, it certainly feels a bit limiting that Hildryn can only maintain herself just under the height of a single bullet jump. I've run into multiple objects that I need just a tiny bit more height to fly on top of (notably in the Orb Vallis) so just a tiny height increase could really help out. 

The third suggestion is more for quality of life than anything else. Due to Hildryn's menacing size, she often blocks the view of her puny enemies below and - while these mongrels hardly deserve to share a screen with the coolest warframe known to man - it certainly would help with aiming rockets. Often I find myself blind firing at where I think the enemy might be and though it often works out it doesn't quite have the same great feeling that's provided when I blast away grineer from on the ground. I believe adding the option to ADS (possibly with the same/similar perspective to what we get when using an archgun) would really improve the overall feel of the ultimate.

While I understand the reasoning behind not wanting Hildryn to be able to cast Shield Pillage in her 4, the armour strip and shield strip the ability provides can be rather useful and the status clear is arguably vital to her survivability. I don't believe that Hildryn being able to stay in Aegis Storm permanently would be overtuned due to her 4 not being usable in all scenarios and needing to be deactivated when extra mobility is needed. However, at the very least I believe she should be able to cast her 2 without gaining shields, thus allowing her to maximise her damage potential, prevent herself from dying to toxin procs and slash procs without the issue of the self-sustaining channeled ability. 

Altogether, Hildyn's kit jives together very nicely and I find her competing for my the spot as my favourite warframe! Appreciate all the hardwork done by you guys at DE!


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Nice aesthetics but  for a frame with a rocket booster for a syandana she's awfully slow and clunky.


Her 1 is good, but the charge isn't worth using and it slows you down when firing for some reason. Her 2 is nothing more than a band aid that has to be spammed all the time to make up for how awful shields are, requires line of sight and doesn't work against Infested. Her 3 is basically never worth using and also requires line of sight to buff your teammates, which you'll rarely have. Her 4 is awkward to use indoors, also slows you down, pales in comparison with other CC abilities like Stomp and Avalanche and  the camera angle can make it hard to see enemies since it doesn't allow you to aim. Why does she have a second Baelfire if it isn't actually functional? It just feels sloppy.


In the end she's little more than a juiced up Staticor and a floating Bastille crippled by a terrible shield mechanic. You basically need 1,000 plat worth of arcanes to make her usable, otherwise you'll find yourself running out of shields with no way to restore them because you need line of sight with enemies to restore your shields, except line of sight means you get shot, getting shot means you lose shields, losing shields means you then have no shields to restore your shields.. bleh. She has so many weaknesses and so few strengths.

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I have already few hours on Hildryn, even got a decent build allowing me to carry ppl through survivals, sorties, eso without a problem (until i "meat" infested and i'm not in high air xD).

Ok, so - despite all the "i wish hildryn" blablablabla feedback making her even more OP, which she is, she god forbid, is OP, i snowballed from a total newb into so called "endgame" content without problems.
ONLY THING i would like to point out is her Aegis AOE - it breaks upon stairs and uneven surfaces, looks like it was scripted to be a "flat earth" ability, whenever mobs are on stairs, or i am a bit above them, standing at some object, - if we are not in the same line - aegis CC doesn't proc, nor does the dmg. I'd like to look into that a bit more allowing her to have more of a cylinder structure of it, without needing to replace myself constantly to provide CC for my team.

All the "make 2 possible in her 4" and other bullS#&$, nah, meh, she is already superb. With good build she is basicly invincible. (infestation, meh lol)


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I love my Hildryn but there is 2 issues that would be awesome if it could be solved. When using aegis storm make it so it automatically switch to your balefire weapon. Its so tedious having to manually switch. And then one small thing the targeting reticle its very low while in eagis storm mode. It makes it super hard sometimes to know what your firing at with balefire. If that can be moved above her shoulders that be awesome. Anyway other than that she is awesome 🙂

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The fact that shield pillage doesn't work on enemies that are pure HP is quite a bad decision.

Make it so that the ability has a minimum amount of shields it can replenish per enemy affected, so that even if you're playing with 4 corrosive projections it still helps you stay alive.

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Okay, so I don't know if anyone from the dev staff still reads this thread, and maybe what I'm about to propose was brought up already, but I want to leave some feedback anyway.

I really like Hildryn for some reason. I don't know why. I think she's a solid frame, however, some parts of her design seem flawed.

Review of abilities

1.Balefire is a great exalted weapon when it comes to killing things with it. I see a lot of people complain about it reducing the movement speed while it's used, however, I find it somewhat reasonable. Of course, compared to other meta weapons and playstyles it lags behind, but when you don't consider that min-maxing side of things it's pretty solid. The only negative I see with it is how boring it is.

2.Shield Pillage is a double-edged ability imo. When it works - it's amazing. Shield gain is great, enemy armor and shield reduction are extremely useful, just like the status cleanse.
However, there are negatives:

  • Line of sight makes it very tricky to use SP on almost all tilesets. Sometimes an enemy right in front of me is not affected by SP simply because they are standing behind some ramp.
  • Armor and Shields are a finite resource. If enemies have no shields or armor, this ability become a simple status cleanse. That makes this ability extremely weak when playing in high level lobbies, since players are usually required to equip Corrosive Projection or Shield Disruption auras. And I don't even want to mention infested enemies.

3.Haven is the only ability out of Hildryns kit that I consider to be completely useless. It's basically a weaker version of Aegis in every way, aside from letting you use your normal weapons.

Positives(if you could consider them positives):

  • Useful as a damage dealing ability on level 1-20 enemies.
  • Useful as a supportive shield buff to your allies while fighting level 1-30 enemies.
  • Provides some CC against light targets.


  • Useless against high level enemies as a damage and support tool. It means that Haven is a low level trash-scrubber. Something that Ember was nerfed multiple times for.
  • Because it's a channeling ability it melts your shields when used, with 0 output too.
  • CC is useless against heavy units. Meanwhile Aegis CCs heavies and lights alike.

4.Aegis Storm is weird. At first I really disliked it. Slows you down, deals no damage, only allows you to use Balefire and locks SP away from you, and also your feet look as if you stand on air instead of floating in it and it drains your shields like crazy. However, after I got the Arcane Aegis set and latest hotfix added the ability to roll while in Aeigs, using it feels fun and rewarding. Still, not everyone has Arcanes. I think it's a rather controversial topic overall and I will go more in depth on it later.

5.Shield Gating Passive

  • It works great. Maybe too great with certain builds. You probably know what I'm talking about. Decaying Dragon Key and max shield recharge. It's easily exploitable and what's worse, doesn't utilize Hildryns ability kit. You could say that not being able to use her abilities is a good trade-off, but come on, really? Is that what you want from this frame? To be a boring unkillable slab of meat? Players are waiting for a Wukong rework for a reason.
  • It doesn't solve toxin and slash issues.

Other than that, I think it's a step in a right direction.

Major issues Hildryn has and possible solutions for them

1.Toxin damage. Toxin and Slash procs. Haven. Toxin damage and bleeds bypass shields. That means that on high level missions Hildryns survivability is greatly reduced since her health value is now contributing much more to her EHP than before.

Before you say "OVERSHIELDS" I'll reply with - "try to keep them up when you're surrounded by enemies from all sides". Level 50 Nox unit can strip Hildryns overshields in seconds. Infested units have flesh, not armor or shields, so you won't be getting any overshields to defend you from toxic ancients and eximus units. Also, Eximus auras don't care about status cleanse from SP. Basically, when things go south you don't have overshields. You can get them for a second or two, only to be drained right away. To keep them up in such conditions you have to rely on your teammates. But why would they need YOU then? And if you're on your own - good luck. Might as well just pick Volt, Harrow, Trinity or Frost, since they all have superior supportive and damage qualities compared to Hildryn. Bleeds are somewhat easier to manage, however, it's just a matter of time till they get you.

Possible solution #1: give HIldryn toxin and slash damage resistance that is tied to her shields. Example: 100% shields = 95% toxin and bleed resistance. The lower her shields are, the less resistance she has. But why should it work that way?

  • That would make Shield Pillage much easier to use even against low armor and low shields units, since you don't have to gain overshields to not get one-shot anymore.
  • It would also allow the Adaptation mod to stack up to it's max efficiency without Hildryn losing all of her health just to reach it. Since you have 95% reistance from the get-go, first couple of hits will not damage you to the point of one-shotting you. And so even when you're low on shields, if you had Adaptation equipped, you will already have 90% toxin/slash resistance to replace the one you get passively.
  • Since that resistance is decaying with shields you still have to use them wisely and utilize Shield Pillage. Basically, it doesn't grant you 100% resistance the same way overshields do, but keeps you from getting one-shot.

Possible solution #2: rework Haven so that it provides protection against mentioned damage types for you and your teammates. Make it scale with ability strength up to 95% at 200% strength. Basically copy-paste values from Mesas Shatter Shield. While we're at it, give it a small radiation proc chance that scales with ability strength. Around 10% or so. You will be able to raise it up to 20% with ability strength at 200%. Better CC, not as strong as Aegis, but much more rewarding to use than it currently is. Oh, and of course, leave it's current functionality as well.


2.Reliance on arcanes. Now, I'm not asking you to nerf arcanes. They're are just fine as they are. And since they're not easy to get, it's a fitting reward for players that have acquired them through grinding or trading. HOWEVER. Hildryns survivability is increased by 515285812519215 times by Aegis and Barrier arcanes. Barrier completely restores her shields in a split second. Aegis forces her to recharge shields which allows her to use all of her abilities with no consideration for shield consumption since she restores shields faster than she consumes them.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see them nerfed. And I find Hildryn extremely fun to play as only because these arcanes allow for a much smoother gameplay and let me utilize her kit completely. But THAT is the issue. Unlike other tanky warframes she REQUIRES arcanes to be fun. I can easily play as Nidus, Inaros, Trinity, Nezha or Gara without any arcanes, but I can't say the same about Hildryn. Her kit is simply not balanced well enough to be utilized as well as other tanky frames.

Possible solution #1: rework one of her abilities(maybe Shield Pillage) so that it replicates the effect of the Arcane Aegis, but without the additional 60 shields/s increase. Shield Pillage doesn't provide constant shield gain, so Hildryn needs an alternative source of shields and Arcane Aegis proves it.

Possible solution #2: leave things as they are. Just don't jump the gun and nerf the hell out of arcanes. They're hard to acquire even through trading for majority of players, so it won't upset the balance too much.


3.Shield Pillage functionality and stability. As I already said, Shield Pillage is simply too unreliable to use in many situations. And usually the player is not at fault.

Possible solution #1:

  • Fix line of sight issues.
  • Rework Shield Pillage by adding the third drain quality to it. When enemies hit a certain threshold of armor or shields(20% of original value), or just don't have said protective stats in the first place, allow Shield Pillage to steal a tiny % of enemy speed(maybe 5%-10% or so, scaling with ability strength). Basically, it should work just like Novas Molecular Prime. Each use of SP will slow enemies down more and more, making enemies easier to kill and less dangerous, but not damaging them directly. It would work very well against infested units and fit the support/CC idea of Hildryn, while allowing her to use Shield Pillage even when enemies have no armor or shields.

Possible solution #2:

  • As mentioned above, allow SP to force-start the shield recharge process.
  • Shield continues to recharge even if Hildryn receives damage. Duration of said effect scales with ability duration. Speed of the shield recharge should be slightly lower than normal shield recharge speed(60% of normal recharge speed). However, it should scale with ability strength, but at a limited pace(120% recharge speed at 200% ablity strength)
  • Reduce the flat shield gain per pulse. It's very generous right now but doesn't work well because overshields and shields just melt when facing high level enemies. Do not remove it though. Removing flat shield gain completely would not allow Hildryn to gain overshields, which in turn would reduce the amount of defensive options she can have.


Minor complaints/bugs

1.Aegis QoL and Line of sight.

  • Since Balefire is the only weapon available in Aegis Storm mode, it should probably be equipped right away.
  • Aegis has line of sight issues just like Shield Pillage. Luckily it's not as bad since that ability is continuous and even if enemies get out of your "CC", you have some time while animation of them getting up plays, to get them affected by Aegis again. Still, it shouldn't work that way.
  • Limited amount of vertical flight limits the potential of Aegis in certain tilesets. Hildryn can rocket jump higher than fly up in Aegis Storm.
  • Aegis is also bugged currently as from time to time it locks Hildryn in mid-roll state, forcing her to slowly move forward, while not being able to leave Aegis Storm mode or use Balefire.

2.Shield Pillage is bugged.

  • With ability strength of 140% and above, it strips 100% shields from normal MOAs and their variants - Shockwave, Railgun, M.-W.a.m.
  • While it would be beneficial to have this bug remain, current version of Shield Pillage loses 100% of it's efficency after one use on said enemies.


And that wraps it up. Many of my proposed solutions to her problems already exist in the game and fit well with her design. Hildryn is not a bad frame currently, but issues I mentioned sour the experience. I really hope that whoever is working on her will be able to fix them properly.

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Fixed typos added "Minor complaints" section
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Thanks for giving us the ability to dash while in aegis and screw up the game until we get hit by a nullifier 🙂 Hilda literally goes to flying around to being stuck floating forwards and not being able to do anything if you spam the dash in aegis. Please fix :c

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I certainly understand that you are unlikely to redo it, but still:

I would like to completely change her 3 ability. Hildryn gets the mechanics of condensing shields. The capacitor is displayed directly above the ability bar and shows the number of shields used. At the top of the shields are shown as a percentage, that is, when fully charged will be 100 percent. 3 no longer contacts the enemy, however, now able to communicate with allied objects. The link no longer provides shields, but now links them to a shared pool, which is shown on the capacitor Hildryn in a quantitative ratio. The value of the shields of linked allies is also replaced by a percentage. All related receive (C*PSM)/NL shields, where C - capacitor Hildryn, PSM - power modifier (125% power = 1,25), NL - number of links. Linked shields also strive for equality, so if you have more % shields than your allies, you give them, thereby restoring the shields of the allies. And it works the other way around.

Then the mod maximum shield and strength and minimum radius (for example) will give us huge shields. Yes, using specters we can get a very large number of shields. But in this way, the shields will finally become a means of protection. At this point, I can't say, the maximization of the shield gives that either. 1.5k shields enough and easier to install mods on hp and armor, as it gives more survivability. I'm not talking about the key -75% shield. This gives even greater survivability, and it turns out that the smaller the shield, the greater the survival. At the same time I do not feel discomfort due to the fact that I can not use the skills. Because I can use skills.

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On Haven-I'd like it if Haven actually gave you some benefit rather than minor damage per enemy to justify its per-enemy cost. Possibly something like "increased damage resistance for each enemy in Haven" + "killing enemies in your Haven radius restores shields to Hildryn and allies" would be useful.

Also Aegis Storm really needs more speed and more offensive hitting power. I still think it shouldn't have CC, but instead fire homing projectiles (you can use the shield pillage model) at enemies within a large radius, while buffing Balefire with more damage or autofire or something. That would make Hildryn's theme of 'heavy weapons gal' shine through better-this flying fortress that sprays guided ordinance everywhere while eliminating high priority targets with high-damage exploding Balefire shots.

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Le 12/03/2019 à 17:20, Jeancly a dit :

After a LOT OF TESTING and I am adding some things and changing others:


Chargin shot deals more or less double the damage of the quick shoot attack but costs 3 times the shield. Also, it locks you in a slowed mode that is absolutely unnecessary. I would make it mathematically correct and make it deal 3 times the damage for 3 times the shield usage, and remove the animation locking so that we can actually fluently use it in the fight while bullet jumping around. Also, make the charge time comparable, again, in the time you shoot 3 of them, you should be able to charge one heavy.

Shield Pillage:

Ok so, this ability is very nice but: 

1) needs to be able to be used in her 4.( EDIT: i realise this is highly improbable, this would make her 4 too easy to sustain, still wishful thinking )

2) The status clearing must happen as soon as it is deployed and not after the absorption, otherwise, it's less ideal with builds with a lot of duration.

3) It needs to be fixed so that it does not interact with emp aura and corrosive projection, having your team make your life-saving tool work worse just by being there is really bad.

4) Needs to do something against infested, otherwise, it's pretty useless and Hildryn becomes non-viable against Infested.

5) Make is just straight based on range and not LoS

6) Something must be done to equalize armor to shields. We get too little shields from grinnier compared to corpus


Some minor fixes

1) Her shield restore is based on duration instead of STR for some reason... which is super weird.( super minor thing, just pointing it out )

2) Needs something more to be useful, as at high levels shields get depleted by a single enemy round ( sortie level I mean ) so I would put a 30/40% DR( fixed does not scale with mods ) on the shield you buff your allies with.

3) Add like 30% DR( fixed, does not scale with mods) to YOUR shields while using this ability. This will make this ability worth to cast on solo, and make hildryn better at high level, as even with her 2 her shields gets obliterated instantly EVEN with adaptation. 

Aegis Storm:

1) She moves too slowly, it would be nice if we could press the run key and move faster than how she moves now. ( this has been addressed by DE with the dodge, but it's still not ok if it costs shields )

2) The CC is very nice but the damage dealt is stupid low, pretty much useless, at this point just remove it it's not worth to have it if it contributes to how the ability is expensive.

3)The energy consumption is very high, which would be fine if not for the fact that we can't cast her 2 while using it. I can see how being able to spam it could make it too powerful, but this is an easy fix by making her 2 while using her 4 give less shield or something, like half? No clue, still the total inability to regen your shields while using her 4 makes it very underwhelming as you will have to be careful and deactivate her 4 soon enough or you will remain without shields and kill yourself. 

4) The fact that you can't cast your 2 is made even worse by the fact that you can't use normal weapons. You can only use your balefire ( which is not auto-equipped for some reason, leaving you there hovering without weapons), which consumes shields which you can't regenerate via Shield Pillage. It's completely counterintuitive. So Please let us use our weapons while using her 4. (And also arch-guns pls, you gave us this AMAZING arch-gun, let us use it with STYLE)

5) Cap the energy consumption per enemy. Let me explain, The ability consumes more and more shield based on how many enemies you are " elevating ". This is fine and makes sense, if not for the fact that it can happen that you press it in a " oh sh*t" moment to get that CC and all of your shields get obliterated in half a second because you have 30 enemies around you. What would be nice was if the shield draining capped at like 10 enemies, so that it still costs much more but the ludicrous situation where you die because you actually used her CC and it draned all your shields because there are 30 enemies around you won't happen. 


The passive is nice, BUT it needs to make it so your health can't get lower while shields are up. Procs like slash and toxin at sortie levels remove around 300 or so health in 2/3 seconds, way faster than you can possibly notice and use the 2 ( see point 2 of shield pillage ) to clear the status, so it would be nice if these procs that pretty much makes all those nice shields useless would deal damage to shields instead of health ( until shields are depleted)

Final opinions:

Hildryn is an AMAZING frame. Her design and concept is fantastic. Her abilities look very cool and work nicely, but it feels like she was thought and tested only on starchart for level 40 content. Shields are inherently weak at sortie level where they are gone in an instant. Even using adaptation can't maintain them for too long, and as they are the actual fuel for our abilities that is even worse. The changes I pointed up will not make her actually more powerful in the sense that she is going to be super tanky ecc, those changes are meant to make her actually viable at high level( sortie level, not insane 160) without having to worry that " it's just more ideal to ignore the 1 and 3 and 4 and just spam her 2 hoping not to be killed by slash or toxin and simply kill enemies with a weapon" ignoring her whole concept of using shields as energy and just treating her as a lesser shield Inaros. 

Exactly this.

I would like to add that if they don't want the passive to make elemental damage/procs (such as toxin/bleed/gas) to only affect her shields (until, at least, they are depleted), they should bake it into haven (similar to oberon's grass "Hallowed Ground" effect on allies). Atm, haven is useless in endgame as the shields given to allies is one-shot by enemies, the damage you deal to enemies is insignificant (even with 200% str) and you need all the shield you can keep as hildryn just to survive and be able to cast your Balefire and Shield Pillage.

Also, LoS requirements are wonky as hell. Enemies can only be PARTIALLY obstructed (like their feet is behind a small pebble) and they will therefore ignore your Shield Pillage and Haven. Just because of that, either they make it so the moment an enemy partially VISIBLE, the abilities work or they remove altogether this stupid requirement. 

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Balefire is a weak mans Staticor. Even worse, it slows you down to a crawl and drains your only way of survival. Really, Baruuk has a MUCH better Exalted weapon. With more oomph to it and sweeping range, considering combos.

Shield Pillage - against 40+ Corpus, works great. Against any other faction - well go figure, used against Grineer it doesn't scale with armor (why?) providing miniscule amounts of shields back, and on Infested - does nothing, making this frame obsolete for higher runs in terms of rest of her skills. If you make a skill that does x% of something, make it work at x% - not some weird calc that is affecting it right now. And also, all those survival skills should work on amount of %, not flat amount of HP/Shield/Armor enemy has. This way you are nuked to oblivion because you spend more on casting abilities that you are able to recover since shields take damage too.

Haven - it's either one way or the other, where you want to go with this. Right now, it is not only not so great for squad members, but only pretty much doing nothing at 200% power against 50+ enemies. Also, LOS damage and boost for allies in a game that identifies low rocks as los breaking obstacles - funny.

Aegis Storm - really, needs a total rebalance on what it does, as it ain't fun to use in any way than visuals or some occasional energy orb farm for group. Constrains regarding Shield Pillage and also, limiting her to only Balefire is a big turn off to be actually useful in real gameplay. Also, in corridors, camera is doing crazy things to keep up with the frame. It should be phased out a bit to actually cover what this ability does.


And finally: where is the synergy between skills? Where is any kind of dependency other than that I have to use Shield Pillage to recover shields?

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