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Hildryn Feedback Megathread


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She's really noisy to play with. In comparison to other sounds in the game, everything that has to do with shields, Hildryn, Companions - anything, has just the most horrible sound when its linking to or affecting you. It's just really noisy and to turn it down, turns down things you want to hear. If you could please kill the shield sounds to a dull roar. :thumbup:

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I know I'm late to the party, but I wanted to give some ideas for Hildryn's abilities. I believe that her Shield Pillage ability should be put into her Haven ability. I believe allowing the player to have a channeled ability that can keep your shields up while shielding teammates is a good addition to her Haven ability (if balanced properly). I also believe that her two ability should be revamped to be another damage ability. I'm no game designer, but an example could be either an AoE ability to use with her 4.

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So far I really like Hildryn’s shield gating mechanics but I do think her abilities (while fun) are a little underwhelming.

her Balefire could really use a crit and status boost. I mean sure, it’s a first ability, but it’s also the only killing tool at your disposal when using her ult. and slowing her down when charging is also kind of annoying.

shield pillage needs to be able to replenish shields even when surrounded by enemies that lack shields and armor (infested). Hildryn’s overshields can prevent procs from going straight into her health (slash and toxic procs) and her shield pillage dispels procs. But against the entire faction that lacks shields and armor and deals a lot of toxic procs, her overshields mechanic is impossible to use because hildryn can’t get overshields when against the infested and also can’t reliably replenish her shields at all since shield pillage is worthless against them. Also building for corrosive projection is a bad idea with hildryn and Players can’t control what aura’s their teammates use.

hildryn’s 3 is a solid supportive ability. While I would like it to deal more damage, it at least has its uses as a support ability. But the drain on enemies is a little much for 200 radiation  damage.

her ult could either use that buffed bailfire I mentioned earlier or enemies should be taking more than 200 radiation damage per second. Yes it’s a good cc. But good cc’s are even better when they help you kill things, Bastille, rhino’s stomp, ect. Don’t prevent gun play. Ageis storm does and bailfire just isn’t as good as the high tier weapon contenders. Either bailfire needs to be stronger, or aegis storm needs to be a better dps.

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Hyldrin's Shield Pillage doesn't work on enemies below you.

Aegis Storm has the same damage, energy and drain as range Haven, you can't use guns, and it doesn't work when enemies are slightly below you. It's trash.

Apart from that I enjoy playing her

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Balefire has way too many down sides to use. Charging force slow walk, firing puts you to a halt (I understand the animation is cool but it's not practical in game - this gets you killed), balefire is weaker than most primaries and secondaries due to the base stats (5% crit 10% status 1.5x crit dam; take 2 to 3 times as long to kill compared to other primaries and secondaries), lastly the charge is way too slow for its damage even with Anemic agility which is +90% fire rate.

Could we get a Balefire buff please? 

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Making this post here since my topic in general got nuked by mods or something, if posting in game pictures is considered NSFW, thats kinda wierd.

Can DE apply the same work that was done for mesa prime to hildryn in the posterior region? The model has a strange proportion issue where the anatomy of the thigh split in the front does not match the back, making the back of her legs and thighs mold together when the front is split.

Basically, can you give her a more shapely back so it matches her front?

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for balefire remove the charge movement penalty and move charge to "only when aiming" or secondary fire.

for shield pillage remove the line of sight, and give it the mass vitrify treatment. i can understand high damage abilities and CC abilities able to neuter the whole map having line of sight but not non CC defensive abilities.

haven needs a range increase for allies to turn her into a proper beacon. i will always stand by what i say about party buffs. they should be affinity range.

my biggest issues with aegis storm is its camera angle, and disables haven. i can understand disabling shield pillage but haven too? thats a bit much.

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alright! I think I have enough playtime with hildryn to give my honest thoughts and constructive feedback

first things first
gongrats! the shields actually hold up pretty well
but her main problem is random feeling sudden deaths due to slash procs and toxin procs (and toxin damage type)
even with rapid resilience and adaptation mods equipped she can die so quickly that you dont have any time to react and that is big minus :S

against infested she is quite useless

the kit
I really enjoy balefire but its not perfect
atleast now I think its bugged for me and it cannot be activated while aegis storm is active

the charge mechanic is the thing that is most flawed with this thing
the movement speed penalty is weird and is a real hindrance especially because even the tiniest amount of mouse press will make you slow as a turtle
please consider cutting the charge time to a half right now its really slow (whats the point of double damage if multiple shots in the same time duration as charge can do more dmg?)
the damage and oomph is very very nice but AOE could be just abit more generous

2.shield pillage
fantastic ability but against infested doesnt do a damn thing

so I know this is a support ability and all but I am kinda sad hildryn herself doesnt benefit a whole lot from this ability : / 
the damage it does doesnt scale either

4.aegis storm
great as cc the default range could be better I think
the mobility on it tho is clunky and not very mobile I wish I could move faster while in it

also the restrictive nature of this ability is strange and not very fun

if I cant use my guns atleast let me use arch guns while in it (using an arch gun pretty much means this ability is completely locked out for the duration of use)
and the damage ticks again are just puny and dont scale

my final thoughts on her is that she is tons of fun
but her random deaths due to lack of quick thinking are extremely frustrating
some of her kit is very restrictive and at times clunky

just a little bit of ironing out and I think shes in league with the best of them

thank you for reading

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6 hours ago, Stoner said:

Am I the only one not being able to bring out Balefire Charge while in Aegis Storm? I have to cast it before every time, it's slightly annoying.

Same here ... And i can’t seem to use my « DOWN » key anymore while in Aegis Storm. Anyone else ?

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The majority of this is to show how Hildryn's abilities are failing to perform, at least in the Simulacrum. It will take longer to find and compile together in mission examples so I'm just leaving this here.

Regarding the abilities themselves, obviously the elevation bug must be fixed for all of them. Regarding Line of Sight, out of all of them Shield Pillage absolutely should not be limited to LoS, without question. It is an pulsing wave, identical to Mag's Polarize and Nova's Antimatter Drop. Neither of those have that limitation, so Shield Pillage should not have it either.

Haven makes some sense for being limited to LoS, but, again, other similar abilities such as Nidus's Parasitic Link and Trinity's Link do not have that limitation. Removing that limitation altogether would make Haven so much better at supporting because Haven would no longer be constantly breaking contact from other players until they leave its linking range. I'd argue that, to have the best of both worlds, remove the LoS restriction only for allies while keeping it for enemies. Boom, great ability becomes fantastic ability.

Aegis Storm's issue is most evident with the elevation bug. Enemies are clearly within its AoE yet are not affected.


> Pasted from my reddit page on the issue. Video is included there as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/b35ntv/hildryn_elevation_line_of_sight_bug_showcase/

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14 hours ago, (PS4)BIGHEBREW said:

how does she fair against infested people been saying she is trash against them are you finding it easy around the infected boogers! is toxin one shotting you like everyone else is saying?

Her 2 does nothing to the Infested, but with the Raksa kubrow you rarely run out of shields. I would like to see both Hildryn's Shield Pillage and Mag's Polarize work against the infested. Shield Pillage could use a lot more shield regain against armor too.

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1 hour ago, Sergent-Qc said:

Same here ... And i can’t seem to use my « DOWN » key anymore while in Aegis Storm. Anyone else ?

I've never been able to go lower while in Aegis Storm, but I use a controller. I'm not sure if that's using archwing controls or something else entirely. But the lack of being able to toggle ON Balefire while in Aegis Storm is an issue. You can use it if you had it enabled before using the 4th ability, but you can't turn it on while in Aegis Storm.

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15 hours ago, (PS4)BIGHEBREW said:

how does she fair against infested people been saying she is trash against them are you finding it easy around the infected boogers! is toxin one shotting you like everyone else is saying?

Toxin procs only one shot her if enemies have an absurdly high level. And by absurd, I mean over level 100. If you have good enough awareness, you won't get toxin proc'd anyway. Only actual danger to her outside infested are noxes, and if you have overshields that danger goes away.


The real issue vs Infested are disruptors (the things that dab on literally every caster frame) and toxic ancient AoE. But mostly, constant knockdowns from hooks. Knockdowns make it harder for you to get overshields from dagger, which is why I use rolling guard. But as long as you keep up your overshields with something like a rakta dark dagger, it's not much of an issue. My current strat vs high level infested is to pop in a health mod and rolling guard into my build. Then I build overshields with rakta dagger and let loose with larkspur. Larkspur out of ammo? Just use one of the many other weapons that are stupidly good at killing infested. 


Though at that point I'd rather just use Inaros. Infested are the only thing that Hildryn can't really handle as well as toast.

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Now that I've played her a bit:

Her 1 needs QoL changes. I should be able to move freely while I am charging/holding the shot just like I can with a staticor. Charging should do something more than just increasing damage. Increase the AoE radius as well or make charging it feel like it's not just a clunky damage bonus. Her 1 should auto activate when going into her 4. I'm guessing the current functionality of it not working or being usable at all in her 4 unless you cast 1 before going into 4 is a bug? Considering this ability is using potentially a lot of your shields, it should feel stronger than just using another weapon, but currently it feels worse. 

I feel like no damage should be able to bypass her shield. You already easily blow through your shields as a resource if you're actually using abilities. You can get it back very quickly in various ways potentially, but I feel like there's enough of a danger in running out of shields and becoming vulnerable that she doesn't need a slash/toxic and dead weakness, especially as what seems to be a "tanky" themed warframe (ignoring the dragon key build that's probably considered an exploit anyway and doesn't let you use any of her abilities). 

I really think her 2 needs to always be able to do something, not just to armor and shields. Hildryn's entire theme of using shields as a resource means you can potentially cast a lot, but you infrequently care about or even want to cast her 2 in many circumstances. As an example, when hitting an enemy with no remaining shields or armor, Shield Pillage (which could probably just be renamed Pillage) could do magnetic or radiation damage and restore shields based on the damage dealt. The damage amount could either scale with the health of the enemy, or with Hildryn's maximum shield value to avoid making it a massive AoE nuke on higher difficulties (IE: it could do 10% of Hildryn's max shield value in damage which would only be 3-500 damage and require hitting at least 10 targets to fully restore her shields). 

I feel like her 3 has some decent potential, but it actually potentially does harm to any person using a rage focused build. A support ability should be helping, not hurting. I think you could fix that by adding an effect such as "While allies shields are at maximum, they gain x energy per second." I could also see it as just always active to make it simpler. Either way, the point would be that you're not energy starving people by blocking their rage mods as well as just making her a more appealing support. It also fits her thematically as she uses her shields as an energy source and is sending that energy to allies. It could be something like 5 energy per second, not stepping anywhere near Trinity/Harrow territory, but providing a decent boost to any ally that wants to come in range and use you as a battery or help make up for you rage-blocking them.

The thing I enjoyed most while leveling Hildryn was actually her signature weapon because I leveled the Larkspur at the same time. Her kit was pretty lackluster, so I just had fun playing around with the Larkspur instead. Since it's her signature weapon, maybe you could throw in a mechanic to be able to use it more frequently. IE: while the Larkspur (or maybe any archgun?) is on cooldown, every ?50? shields spent on your abilities reduces the remaining cooldown by 1 second. I feel like that would fit into her theme pretty well since she's a frame with a big signature weapon and the mechanic would play into using her abilities to get the arch weapon back faster. She can't shoot it while up in her 4, but it would add another playstyle option to her. Also, it'd be nice if you could add an archgun specific hotkey outside of the gearwheel that also worked in (E)SO where the gear wheel is disabled. That's not Hildryn specific (though would be related if you gave her a faster archgun reset mechanic), but not being able to use an arch weapon in onslaught is kind of annoying. 

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quick points

1. 1st ability is strong as a sonicor, but please let us jump with firing her 1st ability

2. 2nd ability feels doing nothing to enemies with infested as most of them have no shield of armor, even against grieener it feels like it does noting, and the LoS check is wonky at best

3. 3rd ability drains way too much shield on enemies for what it does

4. let us use 2 during helicopter mode would be much better experience


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Balefire needs some adjustment IMO.

You can reduce the base damage to 300 and give a boost to crit multiplier (to 2.0x or maybe 2.5x), crit. chance (preferably 30% but seriously not 5%) and status chance (to 25%). The current stat scales very badly with enemy levels especially those with armors. 

And increase the RoF to 2.0 rps. Whose idea is it anyway? RoF of 0.833 (and on top of it a charge time of 2s) is awful. Who is gonna prefer this over a Staticor? 

Currently it has very low efficiency in terms of clearing mobs. To be honest, using her ult is the only reason you should be using Balefire (coz you have no choice).

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There are 2 issues that I have noticed (so far) that could be better if it was fixed:

1) You cannot cast your Exalted weapon (Balefire Caster?) while you are in Aerial Storm mode. Only way to use the exalted weapon during the Aerial Storm, is to activate the weapon prior to activating the Aerial Storm skill.

2) Hidryn's 2 and 4 have issues with elevation. If an enemy is on an angled or lower elevation than her. The skill does not affect them



In both of those screenshots. The enemies are within the sphere of influence. Yet due to them being on a different elevation to Hildryn, it does not affect them. Also the same applies to her Shield pillage skill. There's some quirkiness when it come to elevation.

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A few things:

1- Relying upon shield and no energy is interesting until you get literally destroyed against high level enemies cause shield is the weakest protection in the entire game. Adaptation is definitely mandatory here but it can fail saving you against some enemies though (multiple damage sources).

2- This mechanics is fun but needs too many external sources to really shine (Arcanes that help with shield management, sentinels, Perrin Sequence effect etc.), i didn't find Hildryn well designed in the self sustainment department. Infested kind of ruins her entire gameplay and you'll need tons of shield restore to soak up highly damageing enemies. 

3- There's something really wong with 2nd and 3rd range. You don't want to not being able to drain enemies because they're dead. 2nd short range doesn't make any sense when used in combination with 3rd. This should be solved asap since it really impairs Hildryn whole kit. Line of sight doesn't make much sense either especially if you can't drain the whole map anyway. 2nd range needs to be longer than 3rd, anything else doesn't make any sense.

4- Not being able to cast anything while using Aegis storm is an awful idea and makes her gameplay boring as hell. She should be able to cast her Balefire Charger while flying or even use her 2nd to keep debuffing enemies (even with a CD since it could lead to too much shield resplenishment). Flying only and watching enemies not dying cause damages are awful is not worth of a 4th power. Without her 2nd she can't kill anything with enough armor while under Aegis storm effect - Balefire charger won't help with that since it's a slow firing weapon with low status (worthless against heavily armoured enemies then).

Being able to use her own signature Archgun while flying would definitely be fun too.

5- Damages are high enough to destroy low level enemies but even with Hildryn being able to strip armor efficiently, her damage output is beyond uselessness against high level enemies. Someday someone should really work on damage and enemy scaling in this game.

6- Balefire charger deals huge damage but low status and low critical limits weapon's damage scaling. Since Hildryn can strip armor and shield she doesn't need much raw damages but low status makes most elemental choices worthless and low critical doesn't help with high EHP enemies since this weapon is firing really slowly. Hildryn signature weapon (Larkspur) has been designed with a secondary fire, Balefire charger should share the same design, slow charge only with low status/critical usefulness is really a niche kind of damage, being able to shoot more rapidly with status or critical could have been nice.

7- She has a specific dash, it should definitely have an additional effect while dashing into enemies or anything - shield drain for example.

8- How is Hildryn supposed to handle no shield scenarios or magnetic damages ? I don't mind original frames but if they can't run some content or use her entire kit against some enemies, that seems quite counterproductive to me.

9- One of Hildryn weakness is to have low HP so i get why she's immune to poison and bleeds while having some overshield but once again this decision is quite counterproductive cause she also needs a lot of shield to survive (read above 1.) and you can get overshield only when reaching max shield. So... with a lot of shield capacity, getting overshield is more and more tedious - She's not much protected against this kind of damage then - Hildryn shouldn't be immune to this damages but she definitely should be immune to shield bypass (thus soaking up this damages with her shield instead)

That would make her at least not dying because of poison in Infested scenarios since she can't drain anything there anyway. Immunity to shield bypass would be an interesting passive, depending upon overshield isn't working well ingame (even if it certainly looks good on paper).

10- Hildryn polarities don't make any sense. Why the hell having a Naramon polarity as an aura polarity since corrosive projection prevents her from restoring her shields and energy siphon doesn't matter much. Madurai would have been way smarter than a Naramon here.

Same with her Exilus polarity, it's always nice to have some polarity there but Vazarin ?! What do you want us to put there with such a polarity, fire resistance ? Seriously, this two polarities should be changed asap, it'll only make us use two formas to get rid of bad design by ourselves.

The whole "get back shield thanks to removed armor/shield" sadly gets impaired by so many players using Corrosive projection auras, with at least two active auras in your team you get next to no shield back so  i really think something should be done about that, or this frame won't be played much because of too many weaknesses and lack of playability.

11- Being able to cast Hildryn 2nd while running would be nice since it's a temporary aura.

12- Energy orbs are worthless since amount of energy is ridiculous and shield recharge never works or is far from being reliable in the whole game.


Thanks !

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I don't understand the need for Aegis Storm to have Shield Pillage available, do people realize that she's already the only frame with infinite energy unmodded? Making Balefire explosion bigger and amp its stats up a little, make abilities not require LoS and function with different elevations, making Haven less useless by doing actual damage or actually applying Radiation, those are all good things that need to happen, as should Aegis Storm function like Titania's 4(meaning that you don't care about having ground under you) and giving it an actually decent stomp animation, but making it infinite flight is stupid.



You do realize Aviator exists right? The no shield scenario complaint makes no sense because people have no problem running those missions with low health frames like Mag which defensive abilities don't work in this particular scenario. Not mentioning that using bugs as a point is dumb, she can cast her 1 and she can also use her 3 you know.

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il y a 6 minutes, DLOArceus a dit :


You do realize Aviator exists right? The no shield scenario complaint makes no sense because people have no problem running those missions with low health frames with no all-working defensive abilities like Mag. Not mentioning that using bugs as a point is dumb, she can cast her 1 and she can also use her 3 you know.

You do realize no shield means no energy to use powers ? It makes sense to me. 😒

And no Hildryn has no infinite energy, if armor or shield is already stripped you gain nothing at all and can pretty much play another frame. If Saryn or Mag has already stripped armors (and they're damn good at that) you're screwed, if two or more players are playing with corrosive projection you're screwed (really small gains), if you're playing against infested you're screwed.

I don't know if you like getting screwed but i don't. 😅

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How can you even deny her having infinite energy? Shields recharge by themselves automatically, for all frames. She uses shields as energy. Thus she has infinite energy while others have to use pizzas, or run Energy Siphon, or use Zenurik Energizing Dash to SLOWLY replenish their energy. It takes what? 3 or so minutes for a Primed Flow Energy Siphon Ivara to replenish her whole energy by just using Energizing Dash? If it was at its minimum or even broken you stay out of combat with Hildryn for 3-4 seconds and her "energy" is already full again.

You're "screwed" only if you keep playing low level content. At high level missions enemies have so much shield and armor that the gain is still good even with 4 Corrosive Projection. Dismiss this as i've completely misunderstood this part, sorry. It's weird but she fares better in Sorties and whatnot than in starchart missions. And regardless you can just hide one second to regain your whole shield, it's not like that Mag you spoke of can tank anything either Overshields or not, Hildryn can just stay there like Rhino, Chroma and a few others while the others have to keep bullet jumping or they're dead.


I don't really like that she has no protection against Infested, but on the other hand they are the absolutely easiest and worst faction in the game with only Ancients(mainly Toxin, and not only to her but to everyone). and the 2 Juggernauts being actual threats.

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