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Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.4.1


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Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.4.1

We’re actively investigating issues arising with Controller functionality relating to Melee 2.99997 changes (Aim Gliding, Meleeing, etc).


  • Fixed seeing the global community Thermia Fractures progress towards Fracture stability instead of your personal progress if you don't have any progress yet. You should now only see your personal progress in the Navigation Panel.
  • Fixes towards the Coolant Canister not remaining at the last Thermia Fracture that was sealed if it was very far away.
  • Fixed random crashes when transitioning to different levels (Orb Vallis to Fortuna, Fortuna to Orbiter, etc).
  • Fixed a crash when fighting Raknoids in Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed a crash in the Warframe Abilities screen when viewing one that includes the Ability video.
  • Fixed a script error that resulted in an inability to continue Mining.
  • Fixed a UI lockup when following a Chat link to any item with a Sugatra while you have a Zaw equipped. 
  • Fixed UI lockup that would occur if you checked Abilities for an Archwing.
  • Fixed Baruuk's Desert Wind slam attack not working. Slam attack now always pushes enemies away (would previously pull if you were parrying).
  • Fixed Sepfahn Zaws dealing only Heat damage.
  • Fixed missing finisher sounds for the Tatsu.

3/8/19 Edit: Missing Notes

  • Fixed a long-standing issue with Ivara being able to remain cloaked while performing a Bullet Jump when using Prowl, while Solo or Host. Parkour is intended to break Prowl's cloak.
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By the way, eject magazine is unequipable and can't even be found in the side arm mod menu. Another long standing bug is that the zakti can't put enemies into finishers if any amount of multishot is added, nor can it be silenced. The delayed explosion alerts enemies.

Ok, side question. Why not have the old melee toggle as a "legacy mode" for those who want it, leaving in the quick melee and having the instant melee swap around for the stance toggle. Also, at least leave manual blocking in as an option. Really sucks to have huge chunks of your energy drained because you forgot your channeling carries over between stances now.

Other than that, you guys are doing a great job.


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Sometimes I have no idea how you guys work this fast, even with a whole team like I know you do.  Thanks for pushing out fixes to these before I'd even found anything (except for the global thermia progress prior to start for yourself).

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So... I don't like new sistem, that melee always in hand and I HAVE TO use combo which I DO NOT like, instead of QUICK MELEE which is good on my Tonbo!
Also I want use scaner, melee say "Nope, use me instead!" This is annoying to switch constantly

My main point is, Give Us Back Quick Melee!

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Still no fix for the lack of holster animation when switching to the synth scanner.

edit: since I got first page, I'll post a few other bugs I ran into.

-Vazarin can no longer heal sentinels. 

-weapon trail effects and particles persist on melee while holstered when certain requirements are met (I think), requiring a visit to the arsenal in order to fix it.

-Void blast doesn't work anymore. Like, at all.

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Looking forward to the future controller fixes. It sucks having to choose whether I don't want to aim or don't want to fire due to the lack of melee channeling. Could this perhaps be a keybind that can go away in a future hotfix?

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