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LF for a new clan

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Long time player returning after a years break from the game.  Been back a few weeks now, caught back up now so back into my old routine.  I pretty much just kuva farm, work on my codec (lots of scans to take around Venus), fish, mine, collect all mods.  I have done some tri-caps but usually have only been 2 of us.  Which is one of the reasons I'm looking for a new clan.  Looking for an active clan(more then half full), with people who do Eidolons, stay in survivals longer then 20 minutes, and don't leave arbitration after the first reward.  Just looking for a active, mature clan of people who likes playing the game.  I'm not interested in ghost clans or moon clans, ghost isn't big enough as the times I play the game changes depending on if I'm on day or night shift.  Moon clans, well their about quantity more then quality.  Also found that's where most of the trolls and a______e like to hide out.  So if you clan is either, I'm not interested, best of luck to you though.  As for me, MR26, 6200 hours in the game, think I got another 2000 on PC, so played the game a few bit.  Need 3 levels in my last k-board and other then that I'm all caught up mastery wise.  So there wouldn't be any begging for primes parts or anything like that, I'm good.  Reach me here, over PSN or in game.  For those of you who don't know, type "/w mmcareen 'your message'" in any chat and it will send a message to me if I'm online.  Have a good one.


I'm also going to be sitting in my old clan until I find a new one, so if you /profile me and i'm still in shadows of the fallen, haven't found a new clan yet.

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