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Canceling block in melee only mode(non host)


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There are two conditions, if both meet, this bug will be triggered:

1.You are in a game which you are not the host.

2.You bring only melee weapon into this game.


When you release right mouse button to cancel the blocking animation, the warframe won't do correct response.

Instead, it will continue blocking or switch between blocking↔idle at a certain frequency.

In this case, the block animation can only be stopped by jumping, knock down, rolling or other actions that affect the warframe.


This bug makes non-host+melee only mode very very uncomfortable, hope it will be fixed soon.

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Yep! I've been posting around the same problem. Good to see this post.

They returned block-glide, for for melee-only loadouts.

However, block-gliding is bugged at the moment, causing my character to be locked in a block-glide animation while doing certain mid-air combinations. This only fixes after I melee attack, meaning that I'm unable to control myself properly while airborne. 

Additionally, I can no longer blockglide immediately after a bullet jump; something I could do prior to this update. I need to double jump or wait a half second in order to control my aerials, which is a huge nerf to parkour in general.

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