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Sudden Appearance of Lazulite Toroid

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So, just a little bit ago, I was getting off the Orb Vallis and heading back into fortuna after helping a friend seal fractures when out of nowhere I got a disgustingly bad spike of heavy, heavy lag. At first I honestly thought nothing of it, it happens from time to time and while annoying, is infrequent enough to not be too bothersome. However, as I was stuck waiting in the elevator the lag only seemed to increase. Infact, whenever I tried to type in chat to my friend it took anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds for it to even load up my text. It was frustrating. I just wanted the elevator to hurry up so I could go to bed, and then BAM.



Out of no where this big black shape fills my screen and I am stuck sitting in utter confusion as my game tries to comprehend what the hell is happening, all while trying to deal with the still terrible lag. In a confused frenzy I grabbed a few pics, and then realized there was a prompt. Going off the logic of "This is just a simple glitch, it'll probably go away if I click it, no big deal." (Which, given random coolant disappearances while trying to seal fractures, was not an assumption I made without anything behind it).



Instead, of just simply vanishing however, it actually gave me something called Lazulite Toroid, though completely lacking any image. (at least until I finally got into Fortuna)





So, color me completely confused. I checked the wiki and apparently this thing isn't anything to sniff at standing wise, but given it's probably not supposed to be implemented yet (sort of like the situation where Valkyr Prime accidentally got leaked), I really don't think I should have these? Whatever the case may be, I figure I might as well toss my experience into the ring in hopes that any additional context could help hunt down what's causing this weird bug. 


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