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Tatsu animation bug after a finisher

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After performing a finisher (tested with stealth und radial howl finisher) with the Tatsu (with and without the stance) and you were holding your primary/secondary weapon, the Tatsu will than bug into your gun.
Doing a melee attack fixes this. I was running several E Prime Missions and could reproduce this 100% of the time.
This did occur with all warframes I used (Nova/Excal Umbra/Valkyr) and multiple guns (Baza, Attica, Hikou P, Kitgun), other weapon finisher I tested were fine (Dual Krokhur, Broken War, Nikana P).

https://imgur.com/a/CrvIq1r :










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I've found a bug like this with all sorts of melees, but it's occurrence is rare to nonexistent, and I haven't encountered this bug before.

I would mark it down as latency-related, but it could be something else like the weapon 'forgetting' to use the disappear no-visible-holster animation.

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