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Too many overlapping voices in Fortuna

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I arrived in Fortuna for the first time today and I wanted to talk to some NPCs to start to understand the place. When speaking to NPCs, I can not hear their dialogue due to overlapping [loud] voices from other characters. I completely missed the dialogue that I assume would be giving me exposition.

I have noticed overlapping voices in other areas of the game, for example in a rescue mission for a quest (defending against infestation for a syndicate guy) and occasionally in the Tenno relay by Mercury. In those situations, it didn't really bother me. Here in Fortuna, it intrudes a lot. After the fantastic entrance and song, the voices are jarring.

Proposed solution. If the text lines (voices) are tied to specific NPCs, the volume of voices could be coded to be inversely related to distance to the Tenno. e.g. Volume = player set volume in options / distance to source NPC.

If there is the desire to have a constant chatter going on, some background audience sound would go a long way. Thanks for reading the note and look out for other suggestions for game modes and improvements I write.

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