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Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0

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Dont know what is wrong with the boss but fortuna is suposedly a new/med player place to reach like cetus. What do you ppl expect¿? a super hard boss¿? DE already said that orb bosses will not be like eidolon hunts. Vets already kill other bosses in seconds, did you guys complain about those¿? Probably medium wf players had a blast with the boss. Besides that, I dont want warframes being behind super hard and difficult boss walls. If a new player like Hyldrin he/she should have an option to get it more sonner than later, we already have enough RNG on the game. Yes DE could have made a better fight maybe but I read and hear good critics about the new orb while the PT just negative thoughs, players hate inmune phases (just stops the fight to run away doing nothing) or stupid knokingback everywhere or boss aimbot.

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I still see no mention of the Controller Melee problems. On a steam controller you cannot melee attack past the quick melee. You quick melee to equip your weapon and then that's it, it won't attack anymore. DE, please, this is not fun when one of my friends uses a controller

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"First, with more damage, the time to kill on enemies is lowered and the value of Crowd Control declines even more (Vauban?!). Higher max damage also means that players with the latest bells and whistles can easily kill bosses in an instant, and overcome any challenge with ease. The more your play, the easier the game gets!"


You phrase it like it's a problem.

No, it's a feature. If the majority of the frames have usefulness and one or two lack it, e.g. Vauban, then THEY are the problem. not the majority.  Buff vauban. Do you intend to nerf EVERY WARFRAME TO VAUBAN'S LEVEL?! In a game where you have to do the same thing then thousand times, you need ways and means to speed up the process. ESPECIALLY when the process involves killing straightforward enemies that offer no challenge due to the nature of their AI being simple. You can buff their HP and their damage, nerf our damage and ability to kill them - won't make the game harder, it just make the game tedious, repetitive, and some say boring. Because the enemies still are sitting ducks with no mechanics that require us to in-depth strategy or skill, just patience and how many times we are willing to mash E or the mouse button or press 1,2,3, or 4, to slash or shoot, or ability nuke it to death

 You kill our abilities to kill things quickly, you kill the game. Simple as that. We need the efficiency to get through the boring farming tedium of getting resources and relics and arcanes.


You want to make it less boring? Bullet-sponging everything while maintaining the same level of straightforward enemy behavior will not work. As I just mentioned. Make the AI smarter, a bit more random with attack patterns, or maybe they even adapt to squad loadouts and change up their movement and attack choices. Or introduce L4D2 style PvP to the game, by first playing as Stalker, then eventually letting people play as various units in the Grineer, Corpus, Corrupted and Infested factions to fight Tenno. They can't team wipe the Tenno, but people playing as enemy faction units can at least make the game more interesting with coordinated attacks and tactics the AI will not be capable of. Also, one way I see you attempt to make the game harder is to use nullifiers, which are like a hard-kryptonite counter to warframes, blocking powers completely. That makes it unfun for a good demographic of people - why bother building a new warframe if I cannot use the ability? Why bother with farming any new equipment if I gotta fight something that totally negates all damage from that weapon or warframe anyway? Why not introduce enemies who are soft counters instead? Enemies that resist miasma, resist various damage, but weak to other sources of damage, but not completely immune to anything. Gives people options and also reasons to switch up a squad combination - e.g. something that resists corrosive, toxin and viral but then is weak versus electric. The current system of armor, cloned flesh, shielded etc. is something like this but people can mod our gear right now to brute force over them at low levels - AS IT SHOULD BE,  there is no reason for me to play this game 1000 hours and farming a big gun and new warframe, and sinking tens of thousands of endo into my mods, if my new gun and warframe and mods still kill as slowly as my starter Excalibur. Power creep is not a flaw, IT IS A FEATURE! Why farm anything if everything is the same?! But make this idea of rock, paper, scissors weakness and strengths more prominent at higher levels so there is reason to change gear etc. Can even get creative - not just in terms of damage types, but also in terms how enemies respond to different Warframe abilities - not just a general immunity to everything as some of the bosses get, or general vulnerability to everything as some of the less fortunate bosses get, but let abilities interact with bosses in interesting ways. Maybe make it such that ok, Spores can't kill Profit-Taker, but it can momentarily blind Profit Taker as the spores grow on her optic sensors and block her view, causing her to miss - similar to Inaros sand (and make his sand white on Venus please, or give us an option to change his sand color with the Warframe Energy color). Anyway, I'm done with my two cents.


Tl;dr - let us keep the efficient ways to kill, and give us endgame content or game modes with smarter enemies which have smarter AI and interesting mechanics that allow us to use our amazing weapons and abilities on in an engaging way - which does not mean hard-krypotonite enemies nullifying everything we can throw at them but rather they might respond differently to abilities than usual fodder - e.g. Miasma and Spores kills fodder, but has a chance to stagger Orb Mother (just ONE example, you all don't have to jump on me saying that Saryn doesn't need a buff, my point is NOT buffing Saryn, you can do more ideas for Mag, Vauban, etc. For instance, let Bastille slow Profit Taker's movements, or Wukong's staff can have a chance to shatter Profit Taker's special force fields that she uses to push us away ). Possibly including L4D2 style PvP/E. 

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Hildryn's air dodge during 4 does not work on PS4 controller (using DS4Windows) and Hildryn STILL can't descend while in her 4th (on controller) these two issues are also tied to the same button (roll/crouch is the same as descend on archwing)

Also, can't change keybinding on "Share" button on PS4 controller and "melee channeling" is tied to "cycle power right" for some reason making it do nothing.

I don't know how challenging it is to fix all these but please, PLEASE try to do it soon, played Warframe for 5+ years on controller, and it's worse than ever 😞 

Good luck and thanks for the great (working) content 🙂 

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I know the new orb just came out, but my first impression of the fight is.. I like it! Feels a lot more interactive than boss fights we've had in the game. Really like the idea of grabbing the coolant and throwing it at the Orb. It's something different besides shooting at the boss 100% of the fight. Great job guys. 

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- could you do a fix or remove it entirely for redeemer(prime) auto blocking?  it disrupts the shooting momentum, especially whilst going against profit taker (redeemer has inherent blast damage so you dont need to configure for blast anymore right) and when/if you try to use that, instead of shooting, blade keeps blocking, time runs out, you fail. 

- could you tweek exploiter orb mechanics a bit?

  • like make the coolant raknoids inject directly the coolant instead of shooting it from afar. its kinda annoying, they come from all sides, and the exploiter is huge so it'll take awhile to cirumnavigate it and get rid of the raknoids, by the time you get them all, exploiter is cooled down once again, and cycle repeats
  • make the vents spawn a little bit closer. during the time you venture out to get more thermia, raknoids have come and shoot their loads and exploiter is cooled  down once again
  • could you include(/make more noticeable) a warning when exploiter gonna explode like with profit taker. (i dont know if there was one and i didnt hear it and there was no visual warning like that guy yelling run on profit taker)

- there were weird graphics at times when those coolant raknoids shoot their loads, like there's a wall in the sky

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I'm just downloading the update, but somehow I only get 6-7kb/s. In the past few days it was at least ~200-600 kb/s but now it is really slow.

If I do a speed test with eg Google I get my 32 mbit.

Whats wrong with the server? I have the option of aggressive downloads active.


Any ideas what I could do? Otherwise it takes ages to get the update.


EDIT: After 20% it switched back to 2mbit/s 😍

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Just a small observation from my end:

Exploiter's been "vanishing" after dying, before doing the whole explodey-kabam thingy. I suspect it's caused by Desecrate -- it's a goofy interaction which tickles my insides but I'm fairly sure it's also unintended. Can still hear the overcharging sound even when the Orb is visually gone.

And as for feedback (just my opinion after fighting a couple, and mind that I mostly experienced these fights solo), Exploiter seems to take far too long to begin overheating and begin fracturing the area. Or rather, even if you pick off 7 (not necessarily exact number) Coolant Raknoids, one might sneak by you and douse the Orb. Suddenly that ninja Raknoid alone reversed all progress, and it's sort of frustrating in solo runs. I'm actually really happy with the length of the fight otherwise, though I do wish there was some level of permanence to my efforts -- put another way, pls dont let one smol ice spider instantly cool off giant ice spider when i just threw 10 thermia canisters at it

I have no doubt that the dev team will smooth out the fight, but thanks for the update, I'm having a lot of fun so far! 

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10 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

  • Fixed being able to Quick Melee when you equip an Archgun with either a Primary or Secondary equipped before that.

What? Why? Archwing weapons are already flat out worse than anything I can equip in my primary or secondary slot. You can't pick up ammo for them, they take forever to equip, their damage is worse and they're extremely clunky to use. Why not just take them (archguns on land) out of the game entirely - this enormous pile of disadvantages pretty much says "we don't want you using them".


4 hours ago, _Connor said:

For people who seem to be all about the flow of combat at the moment you sure don't seem too concerned about the lack of melee combat momentum. Half the melee weapons in the game are now horrendously sluggish because they have breaks in the combo where the weapon swipes to a stop, and while doing so the warframe cannot move, and since we can't cancel a combo into another combo there is no way to maintain momentum while attack with melee, which is what quick melee used to be good for. Ironically, because of this I've resorted back to spin attack spam.

This. Previously, I only really used spin attacks to open combat as I was approaching the enemy, but now they're the only form of melee which doesn't fling my character around like a ragdoll. Now that I'm forced to use stance melee, the previous reason of picking polearms ("they don't get in my way when I'm using them") is gone and so I may as well just use the Atterax.

Oh well, I suppose you looked at the numbers and went "not enough people are using whips and spin attacks" and decided to ruin every other form of melee combat to force us into them. Just like when nullicancer was introduced - not enough people were using the Soma/Boltor Prime, so you needed to introduce a pretty common enemy which crapped all over high-damage slow-firing weapons like shotguns or snipers.

2 hours ago, Talekith said:

I totally totally agree with you.

Atleast bosses like Sergeant and Vay Hek are well made with interesting, creative boss fight interactions without you being able to one shot them or just shoot and wait then shoot again.

  Reveal hidden contents

Like... really mate? Worst?


Hek? You're using Hek as a *good* example? The boss that you have to stand around waiting for his tiny little face flaps to open and then shoot a tiny target on a fast-moving object before they close again? The boss that darts in and magnet procs you at random with very little you can do about it? The boss that's a combination of massive bullet sponge, long invulnerability phases and a small target on a fast object?

The worst boss in the game is Hek, easily. Whenever I see him in a sortie, it's no decision at all to just skip that day entirely.

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3 hours ago, PadreLuichi said:

If only the devs would reconsider enemy visual design and make them look sleeker, like the Rhino Ion Skin by Yatus  or Excalibur Ion Skin by Yatus from the recent update. My credits to the authors of the skins, you made very nice skins!!! They look brutal, they look serious, they do definitely leave an impression of a technologically advanced exo-suit. Compared to them,  the current enemy armor of Grineers and Corpus overall look like cartoon characters. I am talking about the visual design and the ornaments. You make the efforts to provide awesome looking cool warframes, so that we have the pleasure of experimenting with color combination and ornament attachments to make them look cooler... then we have the enemy, running and shooting in some bulky asymmetric armor (Grineers).

I mean... Clem looks cute. Sargas Ruk and Tyl Regor look good. The Wolf looks badass. The rest of the Grineer might need a touch up but these ones look decent.

The corpus proxies don't need a visual overhaul imo. The crewmen though? I honestly don't know if they need one or not. They look like factory workers, which is what DE was going for. So in that regard it's a success. But they also look plain.

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Ayyyyy, so...

Any kind of response on the backlash towards the melee changes? I wanna now that the people who're upset over it aren't just pissing in the wind because y'all're clinging to 'They'll get used to it, I know they will!' harder than a good comparison sticks in your brain.

Cuz spoilers, I might get used to it, but I'll never like it.

EDIT: Oh yeah also, the Fortuna amp parts are STILL all janked up visually, at least in the amp assembly preview. Y'gonna fix that like ever or what?

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11 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Melee ‘Phase 1’ Changes & Fixes:

  • Pressing F when in Melee mode now switches you back to your "other" weapon. For example, if your Primary weapon is equipped when you trigger a Melee attack, you will return to your Primary weapon when you aim or fire. If you instead press F while in Melee mode, you will now equip your Secondary weapon.

I love you. Oh my god.

Thanks DE! 😄

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Still no quick melee ...  🙁

Anyway I was wondering, is it possible to have an option to switch between classic melee configuration and melee 3.0 ?  I understand if right now it's not the case, because we have to beta test the melee 3.0 system, but later on it would be really nice to be able to choose which melee system to apply in game.

I think it's always a good idea when you can let the players choose.

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42 minutes ago, SortaRandom said:

I love you. Oh my god.

Thanks DE! 😄

Fun thing? This is the OPPOSITE of a fix for me! It made it worse! 😄

I used F to change back to my gun without having to shove my view forward with an Aim, and now I can't! Huzzah!

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Anyone else having the "Error: Downloaded data was corrupted" after this update ? And any suggestions on how to fix it ?
I have already sent a ticket but I know I won't get an answer for the next 10h or so.

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vor 13 Stunden schrieb [DE]Megan:

The more your play, the easier the game gets!

And the easier the game, the more boring it gets. An unfortunate situation for vets (with some eye-hand coordination at least). Please consider finally picking up that can.

There's just no way to design any genuinely challenging content anymore facing the relentless power creep this game went through over the years, except by circumventing basic gameplay with puzzle like designs (which can be interesting for sure, but after you solved those a couple of times it turns to just going through motions) or by basically "turning us off" temporarily (invulnerabilty, nullifying), which lots of people seem to find chicanery.

There are balance issues all over the place (to the point we are only discussing varying levels of OP-ness anymore), in relation to enemy opposition as well as in terms of extreme disparity in loudout choices: META and things are beyond trivial, don't and be prepared to be overwhelmed by enemy scaling / constantly getting randomly one-shot (ESO comes to mind). This has led to current endgame being an extremely binary experience and generally hurts variety (because lets face it: In general people will go the path of least resistance, it's just human nature, and we all know you do have the numbers proving it). Your analysis concerning Vaubs and CC in general is correct. Why even bother controlling crowds anymore when you can just melt them away in seconds...

"Buff all the things" is a design philosophy dead end and exactly what led to this mess.

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Some bugs:

- Picking up and dropping a datamass or canister messes up the firing animation of akimbo weapons and throwing knives

- The thermal gauge from the Exploiter bossfight remains on-screen after she is defeated and even if one goes into Fortuna and back out to Orb Vallis again. If one starts the boss fight again this way, the thermal gauge will not be working

- Opticor is still missing it's "spin-up" animation

- Dynamic clip on Soma Prime + skin not working:

- Lex prime clip is misplaced when a skin is applied:

- Kitguns held by Mirage clones do not turn transparent:

- Danaus Skin still doesnt holster the sword properly

- Ogma and Gox are duplicated in the Codex Diorama

- Grineer Articulas don't give the full range of options:


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Tried to solo the boss 2 times:

1st time: bugged on the last phase.

2nd time: my kubrow disappeared during the first fight -> I could'nt use the operator when goin' outside -> bugged again on the last phase 


2 hours lost for nothing


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