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How to spawn & beat the Exploiter Orb


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Took me about 40 minutes with a duo for the first time. Sure it can be faster. We just had to figure how things work. The main question: How to actually beat it?

First part:
Well. Most people can't even get over the spawning part. It's quite simple. After you pass the 2 gates that are in the cave you'll find a replica of Fortuna, but destroyed. So to spawn it you need to go to where the Vent Kids would be in Fortuna but not in the actual vent. There you'll find some levers. To activate them I think you need a Diluted Thermia. After that the Exploiter Orb will come from the hole in the roof / mountain. To get it down you'll have to hit the rocks that hold it up (under the back-right  and back-left legs I think). After that It will go in the other side of the room where you'll have to throw Thermia Coolants at it's frozen vents until they are unfrozen then just shoot them (you can find the coolants where the usual NPCs should be at).

Second part:
After you destroyed all it's vents it will go outside the hole. You have to go back on the doors you came from and you'll find it outside. This is where the minigame begins. You'll have to kill the Raknoids so you get the coolant from them. There will be the fissures where most of you spent hours to seal them or whatever. You have to do the same thing now but there is no waiting / defending time. Just place them in and take them back to throw them at the Orb. That is gonna heat it up and after a point it will "overheat" and you'll be able to jump on it and rip off a part of it's body. You have to do that 3 times. After that the Orb will fall down and you'll be able to get your rewards.

Hope it helps you guys who are doing it for the first time. Sorry for my EU english ^_^ . Have fun!

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