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Swapping from Land Archgun to Balefire Results in Losing Melee Weapon and Shooting Normal Weapons After Un-Casting Balefire

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When Using Hildryn warframe, switching to Land Archgun (Heavy Weapon) then casting and un-casting Hildryn's Balefire, will result in permanently losing the user's melee weapon after Balefire is turned off. Not only do you lose your melee (until you extract at the end of a mission), but you also end up holding an invisible gun that aims but can't shoot anything.

The current fix for this is that after un-casting Balefire, press (F) to swap to primary/secondary, however this does not give you back your melee weapon.

Steps to Reproduce the Bug:

1. Use Hildryn warframe
2. Equip Archgun in Land mode
3. While holding the Archgun and standing on the ground, cast Balefire (1)
4. Un-cast Balefire and look at bottom right corner, the Balefire ability is now locked in "Ability in Use" and no weapon name/ammo is shown on top of the abilities
5. Press your melee attack button (and realize you've lost it)
6. Try to Aim and Fire your imaginary handgun and realize nothing happens.

PC info:
Windows 10 64-bit
PC Warframe Update 24.5.0
16GB RAM, 1050Ti, i5 7300Q



Also if a DEv is reading this, on a somewhat related note, can that little slow movement speed caused from shooting an uncharged Balefire shot without Aegis Storm be removed? Because it doesn't always happen (other times it will let you walk around normally like any normal sidearm would, but sometimes, you could be running and shoot it, resulting in Hildryn slowing down for about 1-2 seconds).

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2 Hildryn/Balefire bugs for the price of 1!
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Earlier today, I had something similar happen except that I had Inaros & not Hildryn.  I was playing an Arbitration Excavation mission against the Infested.  I attempted to call down my Archgun (Larkspur in this case) but was interrupted/attacked by enemies.  Subsequently, I was not able to use my melee weapon nor use my Archgun.  When I opened my gear wheel & tried to click on my Archgun Deployer - nothing happened & there was no countdown timer notifying me that I needed to wait to deploy my Archgun.  I had no problem using my primary & secondary weapons.  

I'm playing the PC version through Steam.  Just like the OP, My PC is running Windows 10 64-bit.

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