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Cannot Invite Even In The Same Subnet


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I posted it at steam community as well.


We have two computers running Windows 8 Pro. Same installaton, different ports configured (one of them default) and behind the same router.


One computer can invite other one can not. To make things more clear:


Computer A: Windows 8 Pro;

Computer B: Windoes 8 Pro.


Both are behind the same router and have same network settings.


- If A invites B, B can always join;

- if B invites A, A can never join;

- If A tries to join B it always fails;

- if B tries to join A it does never fail.


So it seems like B can always join A session but not vice versa.


Firewall setetings should be the same (default). We never changed those. Both get UDP errors on startup, so that should not be issue as well. Also it does not matter which one first starts the game or logs in.


I would gladly help with answering questions you have. But it seems to have interesting pattern here.

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