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I don't like the heuristics and conveyance in Exploiter phase 2

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Phase 1 of Exploiter is perfectly good at directing the player in what they need to do. Zuud says "shoot the footholds", and the rocks you need to shoot have that brief shining effect like crates have. Zuud says "shoot the vents", and the player won't be looking long before they find a part of Exploiter that's actually vulnerable to bullets. Zuud says "throw the thermia"; the player will naturally stumble across the thermia cans in three of the four places in the arena that have any sort of cover against Exploiter's laser turret, and the things you need to throw thermia at are signposted with big ice cubes

Then we get to phase 2 and things start to go downhill...

Eudico says "shoot the raknoids". When raknoids get close to Exploiter, the heat gauge goes down. At this point, the only direction the player has been given is Shoot Raknoids Good Enough, And Boss Will Progress Automatically. A "prevent the rendezvous" situation, one that was previously seen in Eidolon boss fights (though in that fight it was "Shoot Vomvalysts Good Enough, Boss Will Still Heal But Not As Quickly"). Problem is, this is wrong. If the player does that, they will be sitting there forever.

What the player actually needs to do is turn coolant cans into thermia cans. There are two issues with this. The first is that the player is given no reason to go toward thermia fractures. The only other Warframe boss who uses giant flamey geysers is Sargas Ruk, and his flame geysers hurt you. And unlike Exploiter phase 1, nothing about the combat will force the player toward the thermia geysers to find out they're harmless. It's a big open tundra.

Now one could argue that the player has been trained to use coolant on thermia by the Buried Debts event. But I'd argue that wasn't enough incentive for one reason which is our second issue: in Buried Debts, sealing fractures takes three entire minutes. The player has been trained to think coolant + fracture = mobile defense. Coolant and fractures are a mission event in and of themselves. Suddenly in Exploiter phase 2, coolant + fracture = grenade. In Exploiter phase 2, coolant and fractures no longer start their own mission, they're just part of this boss fight.

As a result, the only way to win is to IGNORE Eudico's instructions. Don't go around hunting raknoids as efficiently as possible, just ignore them and craft as much thermia as possible

Thankfully we're not talking about some deep gaping flaw, I think this could be fixed easily. The mechanics are perfectly fine in isolation, it's mostly Eudico's instructions that are bad. While it is true that coolant raknoids can reduce the heat gauge, Exploiter can reduce her own heat gauge by herself far more effectively. THAT'S the mechanic that needs to be brought to the player's attention, THAT'S what Eudico and Zuud should be hinting at, rather than "prevent the rendezvous". You know, something like:

"Ah blast it, her own cooling systems are too potent! She's pumping her heat into the ground!"
"What if we could pump the heat back in her?"

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