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Ways to reduce Recruit Chat clutter

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Premise: Recruit chat should primarily be for clan recruiting or forming groups with a specific composition, such as using certain warframes or seeking players with a certain amount of experience. A good example is something like "H 5x3, 3/4, need Trinity, 100+ caps." The players in this squad are looking for a very specific player to join them. 

All other uses of recruit chat to form groups with random people are imo clutter and could better be facilitated through in-game tools that could be implemented to streamline the matchmaking process. Here are some ideas:

1. Add bounties for Exploiter, Orb, Thermia Fractures, and any future repeatable content in open world environments so that players can easily que for the activity they want. Having the Eidelon Bounties is great. All special activities need that kind of treatment. 

2. Radshares are the #1 most common spam in recruit chat. Here is a solution: When you select a fissure mission and choose a radiant relic, you get a pop up message saying "Group with players using this radiant relic? Yes/No" If you choose yes, you are put into a waiting-for-players que that will only drop you into the mission once you have a full group of people who've all selected that radiant relic.

3. Nightwave Challenges: When you click on a Nightwave Challenge, get a pop up message saying "Group with other players for this challenge? Yes/Cancel" If you choose yes, you are paired with other players who also selected to be grouped for that challenge. The group is formed while players remain in their orbiters. They can then work out together where to go.

I believe that if these simple changes were made, the community would greatly benefit from having a much smoother way to group up for activities without having to resort to chat spam.

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