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Trinity Rework Concept


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Out of all the Warframes Trinity is the best healer and support, please have mercy on me Harrow and Oberon players.

The only problem is her first and second abilities are less than Useful and by that i mean there completely useless. 



Passive - [Passive is kept the same +]. Downed allies are highlighted and easier to notice.


Well of life  -  Deliverance : Trinity may target a downed ally (even through walls) and begin to heal them if within a range (40 meters). This drains energy over time (1 second - 2.5 energy).


Energy Vampire : Duration is set to 2 seconds (Not affected by ability duration). Every 0.25 seconds a pulse of energy is emitted releasing 25 energy (energy released can be increased by ability                                   strength).


Link  - Purify : All allies within 40 meters have all status effects removed and become status immune for 13 seconds (level 30). Status immunity duration is affected by ability duration. 


Blessing - [kept the same +] Chargeable for 3 seconds, each second adding 25% damage reduction + health % gained by trinity upon activation.




Pool of Life  -  Energized Revival : Allies that are revived by Trinity or Deliverance gain 200 additional power upon revival.

Vampire Leech : [kept the same].

Adapting Link  -  Extensive Purity : Allies affected by Purify gain 200 addition Armour for the duration.  



These changes would (in theory) make Trinity more versatile, keeping her from only being either EV Trin or BLESS Trin. Giving her and her squad :      Status removal / immunity


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Damage reduction





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