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Error: Downloaded data was corrupted.

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When the last update went live on Thursday this is what I got instead of being able to download it like every other person... Nothing in my pc changed over 10 mins, It was working perfectly fine, I logged off, update went live and I cannot download it since. Since DE hasn't replied to my ticket still since Thursday. I'm looking for any tips/ideas that might fix this.

Here is what I tried:
-Downloading the launcher from official site and try to install that. (Gave the same error)
-Changing languages (For some reason this worked in the past for some ppl according to internet.)
-Repairing Microsoft visual C++ 
-Running "sfc/scannow" on cmd. Basically a scan of the pc for any corrupted system files. Which solved a similar problem a week ago but seems like I'm doomed to not being able to play on weekends cause updates love to mess my game up.(Rip resources/credits and fun)
-"Reinstalling Directx" Which is impossible as there is no way to uninstall directx 12 from the pc without a full reset as far as I know. But I have downloaded the installer and got "same or higher version is already installed" message
-Already running the game as administrator
-Unchecked bulk download and aggressive download.

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