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(Mega Suggestions) Dojo As Lobby; Armory, Hangar And Personal Quarters.


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This sounds amazing I defonately support this but it would require an immense overhaul of the game which would probably not happen which sucks in all honesty.

Who knows...with enough support, and maybe with enough manpower they'll be able to do it.


One can dream, right?

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So, I guess this has been suggested before, but I think I'll put it up anyway.

I think the dojo could be used as the personal lobby for everyone. When you log in, you don't go to the star map, but instead, the dojo's main hall, or your personal room, if you have already built one. This is gonna be a long thread, so brace yourself and put your glasses on.

First, the acquisition of personal rooms.

When you go to a terminal, you get an option to claim your own level/layer of you clan's Dojo for 100000 Credits.(moon clan, the price would scale, starting at 1000 for a Shadow clan.) These levels/layers would vary according to the clan's size. The number of available levels equals the member cap of the clan, like 10 available rooms for a Shadow clan and 1000 available rooms for a Moon clan. Every time the clan grows, more rooms become available. Once claimed, you can use any terminal in the Dojo to get to your room. More info below. One level of your clan's Dojo equals one personal quarter. You can build more rooms connected to your main(starting) room. These can either be (relatively) big rooms with high ceilings to practice parkour, or small, cosy rooms with only a Cryopod and an aquarium inside. Up to you.

Note that the costs for such things should be small, as they are only things you can see. Maybe they should only cost credits(?).

Here are the costs of the rooms for a Shadow and Moon Clan member. (Give me feedback on prices!)

-1000/100000 Credits for your first room

-Small Room extension: 500/7000 Credits(Place for 5 objects)

-Medium Room extension: 750/10000 Credits(Place for 8 objects)

-Large Room extension: 1000/15000 Credits(Place for 10 objects)

-Mega Room extension: 2000/30000 Credits(Place for either 15 objects, or a parkour room)


If you are not a member of a clan yet, you spawn inside a standard room which can NOT be customized.

"Where's that room?" I hear you think. Well, it's the Tenno's secret base, close to the sun. One of the last fully functional Orokin towers, where the Lotus resides. Nope, you cannot pay her a visit. Her room is locked. The tower is limited, there are a few standard things like the Armory and Hangar, but that's basically it.

If you want your own room, which you can customize, you gotta join a clan.

The room's style mirrors that of the Dojo by deafult, but can be changed at a cost of materials and time, like any other research project. Possible appearances could be Void(classic), Dojo,(Old or new) Grineer, Corpus and Orokin Derelict. Each option requires different materials, like:

-1000-5000 Nano Spores and 500 Plastids per room for the Derelict appearance

-1000-5000 Ferrite and 500 Rubedo per room for the Grineer appearance

-1000-5000 Salvage and 500 Polymer Bundles per room for the Corpus appearance

I think you guys get the idea. Basically, 1-5k common and 500 uncommon materials of the corresponding faction.

Then comes your first chamber. First of all, you need to build your very personal Cryopod. It can later be moved into another room. It serves as a kind of bed/resting place.

You can also access more options of the main menu from the pod, like HUD customization(drag&drop) camera settings(cam position, distance, effects, etc.) and so on.

When you log out from inside your Cryopod, and log back in, you gain a "Rested" bonus(much like in Skyrim) that gets you a minor Affinity/Stamina boost of 10/15% for the next 1/2/3 hours. The Cryopod can either be in a vertical or horizontal position, and be customized in different ways, like style(Void or Standard), color and possibly more.

Here is an example what it looks like when you enter it. In personal rooms in the barracks.

Each clan memebers last used Tenno (color scheme intact) should be displayed inside the cryopod. While your active Tenno will have an empty cryopod, which you can use as a...bed or resting place.(credits to Jenove for this suggestion.)


The second thing you can build in your room(s) is a teleporter. Now don't get me wrong, and let me explain it before you guys get mad. It'd be a small terminal, which is connected to the levels of the Dojo, and can be connected to other terminals across it. (i.e. a gate between your room and that of your best friend, or the dueling room.)

It uses the same technique as the Tenno when they capture a target in their missions. It breaks you down into atoms, and transports them to another terminal, where you are "put back together". There would be no need to build a new room in the Dojo's, as this would use the same terminals as you use to break down a room. I think this way, the terminals would get some use.

Once you have built these things, the rest is up to you. You can build aquariums, small gardens, statues, weapon racks to display your...wait for it...weapons, and whatever the hell you can imagine.

Then comes my second suggestion. The Hangar. This would basically replace the old star map system, and be free in every dojo. The Hangar is the biggest room of the Dojo. It would contain a bar where everyone can sit down and enjoy a drink(the mask of your warframe opens up at the mouth section, no face design is needed!) before entering a mission, and a map, which is the star map almost identical as how we know it now, with a few changes.

Here's the bar.



And here is an example of how the Star Map could look like.



You could select a mission by looking at a planet(some are actually moons, but never mind that), and press left mouse button on the mission you want to do, or:

This whole thing could be one map like this(imagine it with planets):


And you could just click on the mission as it is now(except that this would be a bloody red and awesome looking way of doing so)

Of course, the arsenal, options, foundry, contacts tab would be removed, so only the map and the chat remain. Once you selected a mission, you'd get to see a five-to-ten second cutscene where you and your squad enter a Manta(the escort ship you see at the extraction points) and fly away from the hangar. The same way, when finished with a mission with your clan-mates, you'd see a "reverse" cutscene where you enter the Hangar, exit the Manta and walk into the bar. Every Warframe would have a unique way of walking. (i.e. Loki walks as if he's weightless, Saryn like a lady, Excalibur would be swinging his melee weapon, Ember would leave fiery footsteps and Rhino would walk slowly)

I thought of something like this, only bigger(wider?).


Last but not least comes the Armory. Free as well. This would yet be another room, and it would replace the Foundry and Arsenal as it is now. Here, you can do everything you could do in the places mentioned above, but with a few extras. Like, when you finish building a new weapon. You open up a locker(see pic) and take out the weapon, maybe give the melee a few swings, or aim with the new gun. Building of a Vasto finished? You take it out, roll it a few times on your finger like a badass cowboy and put it in its holster. That locker is basically the foundry, you insert the materials and it puts them together into a weapon/key/whatever. "Rushing" something would be overcharging the machine, which would explain the building process as it is now. After a rush, the machine would need to cool down, and you wouldn't be able to start another project for a few minutes(say 10).

Imagine this. but built in a wall and approximately 2 meters wide and 1 meter high.



For the best use of these kind of buildings, the Dojo would need to be changed. Literally. It should become a tower, what it is said and shown from the very beginning. I do not imagine it exactly like this, but I guess you get the idea.

Every level would have a set amount of rooms available, say 20. Each room could be expanded in the form of a tree branch. (Y)



TL;DR: Read the whole thing before you comment.

Well, this is it, please, take your time to leave a comment, or tell how you think about it. I'm more than open for suggestions.

EDIT Nr1: As Nautilus105 suggested, we should have portals to travel between other clans' Dojos.

EDIT Nr2: Added smaller notes, made minor adjustments, added price to making rooms/extensions and a picture of the Hangar. Changed costs of room customization.

EDIT Nr3: Added more pictures.

EDIT Nr4: Added tower shape and ammo rack suggestion.

EDIT Nr5: Added spoiler tags to images for easier navigation.

DE hire this guy

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Ok... I'm just going to say what I get from this entire thing. The OP simply wants warframe to be another game. Seriously! Decorating rooms, growing stuff in the gardens,hangars and all the rest mentioned are great ideas but again I don't think turning warframe into The Sims, Skyrim or Pokemon is the way to go. This is a shooter! We just need lore and some important bugs and problems fixed. So that the game can continually be expanded... We don't need Warframe The Real Tenno Housewives Game. The OP has some great ideas just not for a shooter.

P.s. Besides I think that for a change like this to be implement the devs would have to mess around with the engine in a way that it's beyond their current resources. It would take months on end to create something like this.

The fact of the matter is that Dojo's are clubhouses that offer no uses other than research and sometimes 1v1's. DE has practically wasted time and effort to make a tileset that people rarely use. The point is that it would offer immersion and to me that is a great thing they should add.

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This sounds amazing I defonately support this but it would require an immense overhaul of the game which would probably not happen which sucks in all honesty.


It wouldn't overhaul much, from the sounds of it.  Maybe the resting buff from the cryopod, but...


You'd have dojo upgrades but on a smaller, more affordable scale for individuals - they might be a separate grid from the main dojo thanks to the teleporter.

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It IS optional. Clan membership IS optional. True story.





Also another thing I have realized being an officer in my relatively small clan ( the relative number being the highest 1k strong moonclan) is that the acquisition of truly "personal rooms", and not just your Barracks cryopod (standard issue), are something that the warlod, generals, or officers (the level of permission of promotion in this case set by the warlord). Recently I was talking with the leader of my clan where he desperately wanted to (I am currently the architect in my clan) give some people a choice to have a room "of their own" to decorate. I believe only the leaders would be the ones to grant you a room which you would then on top of that foot the bill ("clan tax") for. This is because such rooms would both A) take up space requiring accomodation from the architect B) take up capacity and energy slots. This would then allow for say large clans for instance to give personal chambers to distinguished members of the clan, or as a lottery, or allow small clans for to just have a room for everyone.

*Hmm, letting the warlord decide whether they allow rooms to be built is...not that good of an idea, in my opinion. Sure, it gives people more control but with control comes corruption and who knows, some warlords don't have time to look at petitions and take time to do all the administrative work. No, I believe it should remain available to everyone. It is though to be taken into consideration that it costs energy and capacity. I tried to solve that with the elevator thing, power however must be solved otherwise. Maybe we let everyone make their little power source next to the entrance, and let that give power to the room. Opinions?*



Also I wonder who are the community managers for these forums as I rarely see any response from DE to posts on here, even so much as a simple, hey we actually read this post.

*They are said to be shy. Others say they use anonymous accounts to merge up with the community. Scary as f*ck.*

Alright Buckle up Kids.



Edit 1 

I have decided to start simply posting the ideas and dojo tweaks I thought of here on this thread instead of starting another thread. Since I am a relatively unknown entity to the community as well as not having the founders status. 

*Good idea. Will keep an eye on your posts!*

Pardon wall of text I will try and make it easier on your soul... er eyes

*I see what you did there.*

One critique to the al la Skyrim rested bonus. It definetly should not be both stamina and affinity, I believe it should just be stamina and lowered down to 5% or so (remember we have mods). If the affinty boost is to stay it CANNOT be 10% that is far too much and unbalancing, it would give people in a clan a enormous advantage in grindframe. No I believe a healthier 1.5-5%(Perhaps depending on clan size) to be a better idea. Giving a "nice" bonus without making it feel as if you are playing with a handicap alone.

*Hmm, true that. Will change to affect stamina only. How about 7% stamina bonus, sir? That can be felt and yet does not give unfair advantage. I for one do not see the disadvantage of being able to hit once more with your sword or sprint 5 more meters. Although melee 2.0 is coming and we will see what it brings.*

Edit 2 


A small albeit practical potential. Read POTENTIAL before you rage I am throwing this up for discussion and argument, so I'm not saying it should be implemented exactly as is. Onward!

*To infinity, and BEYOND!*

A small thing that could be added to the clan dojo using mosltly existing content would be the further usage of gardens. There are 8 gardens. What if we could cultivate plants int the gardens? Have a requirement of 1 storage crate decoration per 5-10 plants in the garden. The plants would be either current models or slightly retextured ones. They wouldn't even need fancy life cycles just replant-ability and certain wait times. Once "harvested" they could then be turned into "herbs" of corresponding type. They would be treated as a resource and sent directly to the clan vault.

*420 herb it ninjas.*

Then using the existing oracle room we add to the interface the ability to craft them into tradeable.. well drugs (small buffs with some minor buffs in exchange for slight debuffs), spices (al la the dead beaten horse you know what im referencing) that would give several minor but random buffs. (we all need a little spice in life eh?), Incense for the incense burners (when say enough incense of a certain type all tenno visiting the dojo get a small buff lasting as long as the incense would. Default 8 hours) with maybe even specialized incense for the duel arena.

*Oh well. The game is 18+ anyway.*

Poisons effecting your melee weapons that perhaps slow them a bit, confuse them (really short term hysteria), Some minor DoT. Maybe even add a symbolic animation (the slam/smash attack of the weapon but without the yellow particle effects to symbolize coating the blade with them at the oracle).

*Sounds OK to me.*

Or perhaps even poultices, small health regen items that would activate immediately or upon use to stop bleeding (which is a pesky thing for me to die as a mag with 800 shields because of bleed). Perhaps at high levels of clans (or really dedicated horticulturists) could "attain" a high enough mastery of the craft to start growing similar elder trees, or some beautiful tree representing the clan (similar to the orokin void and overgrown orokin derelict flora). 

*First aid bandages are in order I believe. Used in the gear tab, perhaps? Stops any status effect and restores 15% HP over 15 seconds.*

I believe most of what I said above can be implemented barebones with little developer overhead. While of course leaving plenty room to expand upon if the opportuinty would arise to commit more resources to expanding this.


For those who read this far and are still wondering what does this have to do with my flippin space ninjutsu, read in spoliers


The tenno are based, or strongly inspired on a pseudo feudal Japanse culture. Taking cues from samurai tradition and partly in the mystical assassins; the ninja. There are many records of different poisons, energy boosters, drugs, and incense used. Both in the meditation, training, and preparation and execution of missions. Also horticulture itself is a popular pastime in Asia in general. For instance the bonsai tree's are and were a common pasttime for everyone. On top of that we have extensive in game proof that the tenno and orokin followed this in both their designs, in the orokin void and orokin derelict for example.

*Okay, we had the 420 part, the gardens and trees and I see your point very clearly. Now the thing is, I believe this should not entirely be a Dojo exclusive job. Think a bit. Where is the only place one can acquire any kind of herbs or something that is not frozen or burnt to ashes? That's right. The Orokin forests of Earth. I think it would be great if there was a way to loot some seeds(that range from common to rare) from the locals upcoming in Update 12, and be able to plant them and grow some plants in our dojos/rooms. A personal alchemy and farming room is all I ever wanted in a game. Throw your opinions at me.*


Edit 3 I lied


Just came to me as I was about to submit my post. a meditation room. Truly simple design. Take the trade post model, cut apart one wall, Expand, Duplicate into a cube. (matching grid system) add four or two incese burners, a spot in the middle ( maybe with a medallion on the floor) to kneel in, and bam interesting room. To make it useful, maybe make it a 0.5% damage increase, or better loot, or something minor.  

*A possibility, yes. I would also love to have one little room or object which lets you meditate in silence and gives you a minor bonus. Something like "Calm mind: +1 energy per meditated minute which caps at 50. Maybe insert a minigame that keeps you busy for the time you meditate.*

All righty, now I have the time to respond. I put my comments in your quoted post between these little stars. **

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I'm torn on this subject.


On the one-hand, I would LOVE to be able to walk around between lobbies, look at all of my pods with Warframes I've collected, pick weapons off a wall, watch holograms of planets floating by, actually lounge about while I'm waiting on people... 


On the other, it's just a lot more convenient to have it all as one menu, since you can equip yourself fast and get ready to go on a mission. Not to mention it'd be a bit immersion-breaking to have people randomly pop into your room at the end of a mission, at the start of a mission...

And what about hosting Voids and Derelicts, much less anything else! We've seen how keys are used, in The Call trailer- it's got nothing to do with ships!

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I'm torn on this subject.


On the one-hand, I would LOVE to be able to walk around between lobbies, look at all of my pods with Warframes I've collected, pick weapons off a wall, watch holograms of planets floating by, actually lounge about while I'm waiting on people... 


On the other, it's just a lot more convenient to have it all as one menu, since you can equip yourself fast and get ready to go on a mission. Not to mention it'd be a bit immersion-breaking to have people randomly pop into your room at the end of a mission, at the start of a mission...

And what about hosting Voids and Derelicts, much less anything else! We've seen how keys are used, in The Call trailer- it's got nothing to do with ships!

No random people would be allowed into the dojo, and this is fully optional. People who wish can remain at the current menu, this option is meant for people who want a "home" like feeling.

Hosting Void and Derelict runs in your dojo involves putting the key into a terminal and a gate opens up in a round frame next to it. You guys walk through and that's it.

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I am trying to draw as much DE attention as I can...no luck so far though...I guess one man is not enough ;_;


One normal man perhaps.

Why not make a contract with me and become a magical man!


>inb4 no one gets this reference

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