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Action and Flow of Motion


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Currently, I find Warframe's combat quite lackluster. Rather than being able to stealthily go through the whole map, I am forced to engage most Grineers mainly because the enemy either just saw me while I turn the corner without a view of them in sight or because I just do not have high enough damage to kill them (mainly for Heavy/Boss). Either way, I feel that the camera needs to allow for left/right view facing so that we get a clearer picture of the surroundings and allows us to be able to sneak pass the area easily (while slicing one or two of them). Also, attacks should have higher damage when using melee weapons towards an enemy's back, more so since they are not on high alert. Guaranteed crit would be useful on this.

As for the Flow of Motion part, I feel that every time I crouch-walk with a Datapass in hand, the Datapass seemed to look like it wants to turn to air (read, clipping through walls). Additionally, this brings up the worst point of the game, enemies clipping through walls. They do clip through walls at random times and I am forced to use my melee weapon to get to them, but they can still hit me. This clipping ought to stop. That and the random times where I was watching about 40% of their back and they did not bother to turn until I move directly 180 degrees behind their view (due to their current player-sensor AI design). Back to Datapass problem, I find that swinging a melee weapon with the Datapass in hand a big issue. I do not see a reason why the person cannot use his weapon with just one hand.

Also another part that encompasses both areas is the enemy AI. They seem to be able to see where you go and how you move about. Say one Grineer takes cover behind a wall with 3 possible entrances to the other side. You ran to the left hand side, watched the corner for his face to not be peeking out and then crouch-walk to the entrance where his blind spot is. Then bam, he turns around and is now facing you. I find this flow of motion a breaking point of this game. As if stealth should never be taken.

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