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Slow Polearm/Staff Spin Attack

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This bug already existed before melee 3.0 but now I need to address since you removed quick attacks.

This bug caused the spin attack for polearms and staves to periodically slow down while melee is equipped but not for spinning while guns are equipped (quick attack). Since pressing E automatically equips melee and you removed quick attacks altogether, this "feature" has rendered all my polearms and staves with meme rivens useless (or at least very uncomfortable to use). I would like to see this fixed asap please.


P.S the video linked below shows the impairment of this bug since i should be constantly spinning at least 3 times per second with 150% warcry and berserker. If you still dont know what I am talking about try bring valkyr and spam spin attack woth polearm/staff as fast as you can. The game wont let you spam it and it does the normal melee attack for a bit and then reenables sliding.


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Please can i see your calculation how you got 3 spin attack per second?

Because when you just say that you should do 3 spins per second and post video that you don't then you actually said nothing.

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I only use spin attacks occasionally during gunplay, rather than repeatedly spin really fast, and I think this is an even bigger issue for me. 

I have years of muscle memory for doing spin attacks, but since the melee changes it only works about half the time, frequently doing useless and awkward stance(?) attacks instead.

I've just given up on melee completely since the changes, I just use weapons like the zenistar or redeemer instead for their other functions.

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