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Not Receiving Verification Code Email (Gmail)

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I submitted a ticket case #1655092 where when I log in, it asks for a verification code. I check my gmail, spam filters, all other boxes, and nothing has arrived. The funny thing is I can password reset  and change my password where I'll get an email to do so but not for the verification code. It's been a day already. What's going on?

Any help would be great....

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Same thing is happening to me, I'm not exactly sure why it's occurring but I'm seeing one or two reports with the same issue. And a few issues dating back to 2017/18

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Same problem here

I had a ticket #1686367 and has no answer 24 hrs

I've tried to log in multiple times with no luck of receiving verification email, but I received robot confirmation letter from support@digitalextremes.zendesk.com though  =\

PLs do not take me wrong, but my clan is kinda waiting + there is night wave going on and I'm in a 28 tier

so I wanna get my umbra forma and wolf's armor  ASAP

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