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Swarm Mutalist Moa's infested spores breaks my frame when hit while aiming

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As the title says. I'm playing on Seimeni, leveling Ivara and some weapons. While I'm aiming, if I get hit with the infested spores from the Swarm Mutalist Moa, the camera moves inside the chest area of Ivara, and I can't shoot or opt out of aiming. When the swarm ends or when I hit escape, it seems that the bug disappears, and I can resume playing.

I was using a baza, but I later experienced the same bug with a Limbo using a Zenith, on the same mission.

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Yep Swarm Mutalist Moa at it again >.<
I remember back then they fixed it when the swarm block Nezha Chakram, and now they block bullets and camera .

For temporary solution until fixed, you can 1 hit melee the swarm (swatting the flies) to remove them. Still suck if enemies at range hiding behind them.

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