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Valkyr's 4th ablity, Hysteria, causes a serious bug

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While playing Valkyr and using your 4th ability, Hysteria, you can easily cause a bug.
1. Press 4 again
2. Let the energy run out
3. Get nullified
This bug causes you to not be able to shoot. You can't do anything besides using your abilities. When trying to press 4 again, the game tells you that your ability is already in use. After some time, you can press F and finally shoot again.


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Wrote this in another thread but wanted to add it here.


My only problem with the new system is that if you're using an exalted  melee weapon and you're knocked out of it and you don't have a melee weapon equipped your character will just stand there. You can't use your ability to activate your exalted weapon again and can't shoot your primary or secondary. You have to actually weapon swap and your character will pull out their secondary. Anyone else get this ?

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Yes happens with Excalibur Umbra too (dont know if its happening to Excalibur too) being unable to switch to normal weapons, 4th ability says in use but i cant uses the Exalted Blade neither the primary, secondary and melee, only abilities work and its only fixable when you jump down from somewhere to get teleported back up (unstuck doesnt work with it) 

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