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missing mods after host migration

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after migration on garuda's claws, its just dealing very low dmg , like on old time bug when some mods were missing after migrate...even usin her 4+1 + charged one and condition overload , happened 3x times row on taveuni's kuva's survival

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Posted (edited)

took some screen after another try (so after migration and obvious missing mods)




See, only using melee / claws with even combometer and mid health ...dmgs are like "none" , cause before migration , its around 96% status 400 viral and 250 radiation and condition overload...even with the 4th skill "active" it not deal any / quiet any damages , would link others later if had time but its bugged for sure, but maybe not only garuda's claws


edit: the captures come from the same run

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add info about captures
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