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K-Drive Separation

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I have done this a couple times now:

While using the K-Drive, a wolf pack spawns. Jumping off the K-Drive to take down the pack, and then capture the pack I continue to press the interact button (x). This causes my warframe to stay to capture but also shift control to the K-Drive.

The resulting controls are unable to dismount or use any gear items. The /unstuck just respawns  the K-Drive with no warframe still (leaving the warframe where it was). Escape menu is still accessible. Fortuna gate does not open, nor do any NPCs respond to me (but they shoot the warframe). Normal doors still open properly. unknown.png

unknown.pngOf the two times I have had this happen thus far: The first time some patrol killed my warframe causing a proper respawn at the board's location. The second time I found a spot that board would fall and respawn myself at the board properly. 


^^ Enrichment Labs, front room where I was able to respawn.

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