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Tenno Tunes Vol 4 Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Alright, decided to give another spin this year. Good luck to all the other entrants! Also I'm very certain I use the "49" term accurately enough here...?


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I know these remixes are being done to death, but here's my entry regardless:

EDITING THIS REPLY: So, I was fairly unsatisfied with how my upload actually sounded when streamed through Soundcloud itself. I've been working to optimize the mix for streaming in 128kbps mp3 as much as I possibly can, so this upload will sound different than it did before. (There's some new stuff in there, too. Also got artwork done, finally.) I really hope you guys think it's an improvement, too. You can still download the (new) lossless .wav upload, if you'd like. (Open the page and click More - Download file) I'm still not 100% satisfied with the stream quality, but I hope at least someone out there can find enjoyment from it.

Also, if you still like the original mix more (or just want to hear it), here's a private link where you can stream/download the it in 450kbps mp3:


Almost all of the transitional effects are sound from Warframe abilities, taken from the provided fan kit.

(I may also upload this to YouTube in the future for better audio quality - will update my post later.)


Best of luck to everyone! I'm loving the entries so far.

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Remastered Soundcloud audio upload and added art, wanted to clarify changes made.
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Here is my take on this competition, hope it will be sufficient

Here is the version without narrative


enjoy 🙂

Edit : gee, an orchestral arrangement between digital composed music, hope mine isn't too lackluster 😐

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