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Tenno Tunes Vol 4 Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Entry Song (With Music Video) For The Tenno Tunes Vol. 4 Competition Hosted By Digital Extremes.

This Song Was Created By Me To Have A Surrealistic Feel Of Glass Related Feelings, Fragility, Elegance, And Most Of All - Vulnerability Having To Lash Back When Sharpened By Fracture.

I Am The Sole Creator Of The Logo And It May Not Be Redistributed Without Express Approval From Me.
I (With The Explicit Permission Of Digital Extremes) Used Various Ability Sounds And Even Ingame Recorded Audio A Few Specific Sounds. The Long Melody You Hear That Sounds Like An Intro Chorus Is Actually A Gara Ability. Frame Ability Sounds Include:
- Ivara
- Baruuk
- Gara
- Frost
- Inaros
And Many More.

Something To Note: I Am Deaf And Have Had Progressive Hearing Loss Throughout My Life. I Have Had To Get Two Surgeries On My Head Where They Slashed Behind My Ears, Drilled 1/8th Of A Hole Into Both Sides Of My Head, And Inserted Cochlear Implants. This Was Done During A Vital Part Of My Life - High School. I Have Had No Prior Musical Knowledge As It Was Considered "Unfair" To Me Because Of My Hearing Loss. If You Want More Information, Feel Free To Contact Me.

Any Other Instance Of Copyright Infringement Is Purely Coincidental.
Song Is Copyrighted By Dragvar 2019, April. 11th.

In Case Soundcloud Is Down Or Doesnt Work:


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Here it is, my entry for TennoTunes Vol.4

This entry features over 40 various warframe sounds from throughout the game
Voice lines from Nora Night, Lotus, Konzu, Eudico, and Vox Solaris
Abilities from Baruuk, Gara, Valkyr, Rhino, Wukong, and Equinox
Additional sounds from Moa, Eidolon, and environmental effects

R̼̯Ą̘̤͊̋ͩ̔P͈̮̱͕͇̔͌ ̛̲̝̲͌͗ͅTͯ́͋̾A̘̳̮̰̟̳ͮ̄̐͐P̒͑ͪ̔͋̓ ̂͐҉͍̹̬͚T̬̪̩̆̌̉͋̚͟A̾̒͒̂͊͏̭̥̼͖P̱̬̂ͮ̽̓

Hope you all enjoy this.

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After having a lot of fun last year I thought I would try again this year. I decided to go an entirely different route this year and instead of a fast paced DnB track I went with a more traditional 4 piece arrangement. Piano, Bass, Cello, and Violins fill the lofty chamber of Fortuna until rudely interrupted. It was a blast doing all the foley work in game to get the samples I wanted to use, the great ambiance in Fortuna, and the visceral sounds of combat that I love.


I hope you have as much fun listening as I had making and playing.


Thanks DE!


Fotuna Overture Interrupted



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Ah well. As usual. Not enough time (started quite late) and was unable to get both done properly; video and music. So it's the worst of both worlds. No video and missing parts on instrument tracks 😞 I didn't expect Tenno Tunes 4 to start in April, last one was later 😄 anyways, it was a blast as usual. Tenno Tunes contest sparks the most furious creativity in me.




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Created by jonny_hammerstix and the other members of the rock band, Traverser for Tenno Tunes Vol. 4

While our singer (Mad_arrows) is in the studio finishing vocal tracks for our upcoming album, we thought it would be fun to put together a tasty jam for this years Tenno Tunes. We hope you enjoy "Static Transference"!

- Traverser


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Here I am fashionably on time again I guess? lol

Probably the most ambitious thing I've ever done in a week of my life so now I can sleep

lol goodluck everyone

PS. whoever at DE came up with the Ventkids with four tuna is amazing.



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Thank you for sharing your wonderful music with us! I've enjoyed listening to your submissions and sharing them with the team. Choosing winners was tough, but we have managed to select a Top 30. Without further ado, here are the winners of the Tenno Tunes Vol 4 contest!

  1. SkrillexRobots99 - Lost Boys

  2. TwoTonePoly - Ten Oclock

  3. ThoseRedLights - Warframe

  4. E4BL00DSH0T - Who Have You Become

  5. Khunvyel - The Tenno and the Egg

  6. TrueAxeon - Wheels of Fortuna

  7. AdraRed - Flaming Veil

  8. -Trixxy - Sweet Thing ft. Nora Night

  9. Mumbus - Energy Spike

  10. ScottWilco - Hek

  11. ZayTheRonin - Focus

  12. Gobui01 - Orbiter

  13. DJ_Erkenfresh - Wake Up, Find the Power Within Yourself

  14. PusiWraith - Echoes of Lua

  15. Jonny_hammerstix - Static Transference

  16. Knightmar3Frame - I Like My Warframes With a Side of Mayonnaise

  17. eK1ABoss - Nightmare

  18. KURORAK - Venusian 49ER

  19. I3ladeStrike - Vengeance for Deck 12

  20. JMNblk - Fortuna

  21. CaptainCreepy - Dreamers Awaken

  22. EUSTAAAAAAQUIO - The Dead Have Debts

  23. Gramzacx - Broken


  25. Vjcsavar - Wake Up

  26. M4CH1N3M4N - Nightwave

  27. Trips666 - Dreamers

  28. KitMellow - Bah-Bah-Beh-Beh ft. Vent Kids

  29. Jambarero - Wake Up

  30. Musingineer - Nora's Playground

I look forward to listening to your Tenno Tunes on live streams!

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