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[NSW] Newbie looking for clan

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if any one read this and has a clan that is willing to take in a newbie please invite me, 

ShadowRead is my user, i play on the switch

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Posted (edited)

Well I'm starting a new Clan up now on NSW if your interested in grinding with me let me know.

Switch IGN: Mo999


We are a casual clan but extremely active & helpful, currently we are on PC and PS4.

So most of the players I have played with in our Alliance and Clan seem mature and helpful but my clan don't have a age requirement but we do require you to have a mature attitude and so far I had no issues.

You are more than welcomed to *try us out, you just need to join our forum club Link-

About Darken Void

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Hey dude

I come representing S.A.Y.E. a 70 person Clan who started off as just 5/6 guys a few months ago.

We are a pretty socially active group with a discord, we come from UK/Europe mostly, I think there's a few American dudes in our ranks somewhere.

We started off as a bunch of nearly 30 year old dudes who played in the evenings and just chilled out, but now we have members online almost always throughout the day and out ages range from like 15-40.

We have about 95% of the research complete.

We are looking for people who are willing to engage with members of the clan in game and in our Discord. We are NOT looking to recruit you if you are just going to join the clan, log in and log out, and never say a word to anyone.

We are open to all applicants and if it sounds like the kinda place you want to be part of, then add me in game or on Discord Farty#6515 (IGN FARTY)

Thanks dude and Happy Hunting!

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