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Melee Channel Controller Bindings


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Not sure if this is a bug or an oversight or whatever, but I'm having trouble with my bindings, specifically with Melee Channel and Secondary Fire

I am currently unable to rebind Melee Channel to any other button. I play on PC with an Xbox 360 controller. After they fixed the initial problems with controllers and melee changes, everything was fine. Then a hotfix was dropped and Melee Channel and Secondary Fire were bound to right stick press. Normally I have Sprint/Roll bound to RSP. When I went to change it, I got the "Cannot bind [Action] to a button that has a melee stance action bound to it" error. This also occurs when I try to rebind Secondary Fire. So I tried moving Melee Channel to a different button (D-Pad Down) and it told me "Melee Channel cannot be moved to a different button."

I don't understand why Melee Channel can't be rebound when every other action can. Because of this, my control scheme is totally out of whack. I'm not saying I can't play, its just annoying and inconvenient. I also cant be the only one experiencing this issue. 

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You're not alone.

I used to have Melee Channel bound to Right Trigger. Not anymore.

Options say it is now bound to left stick press, I'll have to take that on faith as I haven't been able to do any channeled attacks since the Controller changes.

DE, please let us rebind the Controller to our own preferences again.

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Ya this is kind of a deal breaker for me...

Ive played with the same setup for years and having to relearn a new setup is just frustrating.

Melee has always been my R1

Activate powers has been R3 and O has been secondary fire.

Not being able to put secondary fire/melee channel on O is messing me up and has my whole control scheme all out of whack. Hopefully DE fixes this... Cuz this has me not wanting to play ATM.

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