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Hotfix during Arbitration Can Cancel Mission and all Rewards

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This has now happened to me twice and is ... ugh ... really unfair and annoying.

If you're playing an Arbitration, and during that Arbitration there is a Hotfix deployment, and during/after the Hotfix deployment the host leaves or crashes, instead of the group reforming with the remaining players, it simply returns you to your orbiter without any rewards at all. You don't even get to keep the round rewards you'd get as if you'd died. You get nothing, nada, not even the end-of-mission recap screen, you just get the host migration screen and then appear in your orbiter with nothing. A complete waste of the time you've spent in the Arbitration.

I'm sure this is because, after a Hotfix, you can't start a new mission until you patch, but the host leaving an Arbitration and thus causing a group reform should not count as beginning a new mission.

First time, I thought it might be a one-time glitch, but it just happened to me again during today's Hotfix, so it's now repeatable.

Yes, one can hopefully avoid it in the future by leaving an Arb as soon as possible after the Hotfix is announced/deployed, but that doesn't return the now 70+ minutes and rewards I've lost due to the bug.


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