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Spring-Loaded Blade does not work


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As I've seen on the wiki, this mod is supposed to add 30% ADDATIVE bonus range which would scale with the other range mods, just like Maiming Strike does if I'm not wrong. Anyways, let's suppose the wiki is wrong and it's actually multiplicative bonus range. Even then it doesn't give a tiny bit of range. Tried it on my Scoliac with and without range mods. It doesn't add a single tiny bit of range at all. There should be a slight difference since the Scoliac has quite a bit of range. The mod specifies "Weapon Range". Don't know if that's intented to work on primary weapons or not but it for sure doesn't work on them either.

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Tried this out, it seems to work fine. It is ADDATIVE, meaning it does NOT scale with other range mods, it ADDS to base. Multiplicative would multiply the base range after other mods affect the base).

You may be misinformed on maiming strike. It adds  "+90% Crit Hit", NOT "+90% Crit chance" meaning it adds a flat +90% to the base crit chance, which is why other mods like Blood rush seem so powerful when combined with it, as they are working off the new base crit chance which would be 95% on slide attacks in Scoliac's case.

The Scoliac has around 5.5m range at base, with this mod I seemed to get around 6.5m range after getting status procs, which would seem about right (if base is 5.5m then with this mod you would get 6.325m range).

Most people don't fully understand how Range% affects melee weapons, as it is not very well explained in the game. If this mod adds 30% range, it adds that 30% to the total circumference of your atatck, which is given by increasing the diameter by 15% (15% in front and 15% behind you, total 30%), which is why when I use my Scoliac, with +165% Primed Reach, +149.1% Riven and +30% Spring Loaded Blade (344.1% total) I have around 16m range and not 24½m range.

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