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My Vauban Modernization

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Once an irreplaceable force on the battlefield, his age and the ever increasing pace of this game has left Vauban in a rough spot. I'd like to suggest some changes that improve his flow, increase the effectiveness of his Abilities, and address his issues with Energy Efficiency and surviving when using his Abilities out in the open.

Passive Changes: Vauban regains his Passive of bonus Armor for each nearby ally, with his current Passive of dealing increased Damage to incapacitated enemies kept intact.

Tesla Changes:
● Can no longer be charged, but is buffed to roughly the stats of the charged Tesla.  
● Now has an Ability Combo mechanic; as you activate the Ability, it will open a window of opportunity to cast it again with a reduced Energy cost. On the 4th and final cast of the Combo, Vauban throws a cluster of 3 Tesla instead of 1.  

● A single Tesla can zap up to 3 targets at a time (each using a charge).  
● Allies with a Tesla on them gain 100 Armor (does not stack).
● Tossing a Tesla on a hack panel will increase its timer.
● Tesla will no longer have a Duration, meaning they will not despawn as long as they have charges. (May require a cap of Tesla out at once, something like 30. New casts delete oldest.)  

Minelayer Changes:
Cycling mechanic changed; is now Hold to swap, Press to activate. This may cause confusion when switching to/from Ivara, but ultimately fits how Vauban uses this Ability.  

● Bounce now deploys more consistently. It will always spawn straight up on the ground, straight out on a wall, or straight forward (on the ground) if used while sprinting.  
● Trip Laser now entangles tripped enemies for a short Duration.  
● Shred's Armor reduction Duration last much longer.
● Concuss will now instantly explode if thrown within Range of enemies.

Bastille Changes:
Can now be thrown much further, and you can Hold the Ability button to see a circle depicting where it will land, much like Nidus and Hydroid have for some of their Abilities.  

● Suspended enemies suffer increased Status Duration.  
● Allies gain Lifesteal on suspended enemies.  
● A reasonable percent of enemy shots fired at Bastille will be blocked and converted to Ammo for players within. 

Vortex Changes:
Now stores Damage it deals over time. When the Duration ends, Vortex explodes dealing Damage based on a percent of what it had stored. This Damage wave also restores Energy to allies, again based on a percent of Damage stored.  

There is a cap of the total Damage that can be stored, but it is increased with total Duration of the Ability. Restoring Duration with the Vortex Augment will increase the cap.


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Well let's go through this.

8 hours ago, Flackenstien said:

Vauban regains his Passive of bonus Armor for each nearby ally,

Unless you're also gonna change his armor value, which I'm not unopposed too mind you, this is still gonna be as useless as it was before.

8 hours ago, Flackenstien said:

Tesla Changes:

These are........interesting. I don't really see it as the kind of ability to use an Ability Combo like Rhino or Valkyr, but it's unique. And any cap on abilities is at most gonna sit somewhere around 10 at max.

8 hours ago, Flackenstien said:

Minelayer Changes:

Sorry, but there's no reason to keep Bounce as an option, it's so obsolete to everything else we have.

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