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More ram consumption, host migration and affected performance

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Since the last update, host migration problems are evident. And the weekend of double resources I could not take advantage of it because in 10 missions that were just 3 I went without problem. How is it possible to enjoy a mission with friends, if the connection is lost and you lose everything you've harmed with them or what you played with them in case they need your support like hunting eidolons.
That problem happens even when window firewall is disabled, and also without connection problems and the connection between players is less than 100 ms of ping. then regardless of what factors would be stable this problem affects too much.

The other thing is the ram consumption increase, some missions presented an increase of 100-400 mb of ram consumption additional than usual with the latest hotfix, not only increases ram consumption but also processor temperature and also card video, although in this last one I do not know, the fps in some parts or mission scenarios are reduced speaking of less than 30 - 40 fps, but based on 120 fps. But losing such an amount of fps is surprising.

In the eidolon plains, the yield of fps is not stable. There are times when there are no enemies near or without so many effects of light or something, without any explanation, the FPS decrease. When I hunt eidolon, I end up with the teralyst and then I go to The shrine located in the middle of Gara Toht lake. More than half of FPS is lost, ie 120 fps at 55 fps (it is not noticeable but this problem is evident) but this happens only for 10 - 15 seconds.

For something strange that seems, the more enemies are close to you (depends on the background scenario), the performance is affected and the FPS decrease

As an additional, the mission that is to be carried out in the index, of the nightwaves, even when you perform them, does not give points and remains as if it has not been carried out.

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