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Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.7

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3 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Pet Incubator Changes:
Pets no longer suffer negative effects from a lack of Loyalty or Integrity! Integrity and Loyalty are now strictly a bonus on top of your Pet’s base Health and Damage. This also removes the function of auto-Stasis when Loyalty and Integrity hits 0, at which your Pet will just simply not have a bonus and continue to live peacefully. The Pet Incubator has undergone many changes, and these are small steps in a larger plan to simplify this system for a more streamlined structure. 

More then one pet at a time in the ship please.

More kinds of pets.
(like all the conservation animals, I want to jam around with a Bolarola)

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10 minutes ago, BlindStalker said:

May I kindly ask for clarification about this?

If it was originally intended for the Scyto Raknoids to be able to see through the invisibility of stealth frames, then I appreciate the acknowledgement at last.Is this the case Megan? Since day one of the release of orb vallis/fortuna we have been repeatedly reporting this as a bug that the Scyto raknoid could see through stealth, as no enemy in the game could actually see through stealth (we don't count Lephantis because we believe he's bugged, and we really do wish to see Lephantis be fixed one day on stealth frames).

If the Scyto raknoid is intended to see through stealth, may I please ask for considerations for changes for Ivara? Compared to other stealth frames, Ivara struggles with mobility as balancing measures to her cloaking. Many of the stealth frames are squishy and rely on their stealth for a decent amount of their survivability and combat effectiveness. Ash and Ash prime, although having the shortest stealth duration, he has good combat abilities that make him capable of dealing with strong threats (And depending on if the player has Ash prime, has better armour and good base of health to survive as well). Although Loki still has very small amounts of shields and health, Loki has always been resourceful enough to survive because of his mobility and his kit is overall good to deal with surrounding threats to allow him to escape unharmed or deal with threats at a distance. Octavia, has so many damage bonuses and can easily deal with this threat any way she wants (1, 3, 4 whatever means, the scyto raknoid poses no real threat to her). And Wukong is more than durable enough to survive against this enemy.

But for Ivara, given her weak mobility, and her fragile cloaking is where if Ivara is attacked while cloaked, she will lose even more energy, And energy is the very source of her survivability and power, without it, Ivara is dead. Ivara ends up being the most vulnerable against the scyto raknoid. Ivara isn't the mobile stealth frame, and she struggles to operate when she is attacked while cloaked given her frailness and limited options. While she does have her sleep arrows, I believe you also ended up nerfing the sleep arrows to have a reduced sleep time duration affecting scyto raknoid which makes it less effective against the enemy. Most Ivaras probably run without any form of survivability, worst if they haven't considered Artemis bow as a viable weapon to use for her. If anything, this might cause diminishing usage of Ivara on orb vallis bounties for more viable and better stealth frame choices. A concern has been growing of mine (since update 24.4.0 - with the intentional removal of Ivara's ability to bullet jump while in prowl while playing solo/host mode) that Ivara's usage across players has started to decline. Consistently there have been more nerfs for her than anything else in the past with changes such as no longer being able to use the navigator for extended time with projectiles (like Arca plasmor), changing of prowl so that multiple Ivaras can no longer prowl from the same enemy in the group, removal of this prowl bullet jump without much consideration of how this would affect those who enjoy using her. Ultimately I feel that Ivara is starting to fall into irrelevancy and I beg that something be compensated to Ivara, before she falls off the radar of most players and becomes 'mastery fodder' (if she isn't already there). Some considerations for Ivara's future would be greatly appreciated DE, before she falls into irrelevancy.




Concerning Ivara's nerfs, her Prowl pickpocket" ability has been specially singled out for nerfing among  all looting abilities as it's been made ineffective against a lot of targets, first among all the Apoptic specters from the Silver Grove, that can still be merrily desecrated and tentacled by nekros and Hidorid conversely...

Ivara is probably the second most time consuming frame to obtain after Titania (you need to scan plants on Lua to summon the last specter!), seing her constantly kicked to the curb 8and Titania being passed over for rework every time) is starting to grate on my nerves

On the stasis and pet changes: when will we have something more meaty on this regard? pet AI is mediocre at best and atrocious at its worst, with kubrows, helmint charger, adarza kavat and pet moas lacking any actual utility on top of that!

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How many times do people have to post threads about Exalted Melee being entirely unusable for you to even acknowledge that it's been a problem for several weeks?

I'd be satisfied with just a response to one of the many threads about this issue, but I've gotten nothing so far.

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yesterday i use inaros to finishattack a Grineer ,at the same time i fall in void,when i came back,i stucked ,i cant move or use any abilities and cant use /unstuck to come back normal.pls fix this problem

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Hmmmm was going to hold out till the degridation system was completely removed ...... buuuut this seems sufficient and with those "other" changes in the wings. I think it's time I finally broke down and bought a pet bed & some toys. 

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I would like to know if there’s a bug with signing in while using the keyboard because after the hotfix that I did and went back on to do some missions it wasn’t letting me type my password I had to use the mouse to put my password in I want to know if that’s a bug or something because I’m used to typing my password in 

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4 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Nightwave Fixes:

  • Fixed ability to repeatable collect Convict Standing by Host migrating and re-joining the previous squad, of which we have found a handful of obvious exploiters and will be acting accordingly.
  • Fixed incorrect number of Convicts being displayed in the HUD after a Host migration (would show 1/4 killed when it should've been 0/3).
  • Fixed the Nightwave ‘Vault Looter’ description not specifying Orokin Derelict Vaults.

What happened to increase spawn rate of the Wolf? We are over half way though and I have not see the Wolf ONCE! I need to know now if I should just buy on warframe market or is increase spawn really gonna happen.

MR27 over 4k in-game hours and I dont play normal star map missions much if at all. I only really run Relics, ESO, Arbitration and Sortie missions. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be doing something else? Is this just for new players that are still grinding star map missions?

Some insight would be appreciated. 

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Woo - thanks for the update!

I've noticed that the Prisma Veritux is untradeable at the moment; it won't even appear in your inventory while trading.

Any chance this can be looked into? Minor grievance, I know... 😁

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I hate posting this again but I have a K-drive that can't be leveled and I think support was confused by what I meant and auto closed my ticket, they thought I was talking about it not showing mastery affinity. After forma-ing my K-drive it can't be leveled anymore, 1 affinity makes it falsely say maxed rank in orb valis but when I get back to fortuna it says unranked and 0 affinity towards it. The blue bar hasn't changed.


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3 hours ago, [DE]Glen said:

I play the Vallis on a laptop without a discrete GPU and it's fine (2018 Razer Blade Stealth) and it's fine. Your GeForce GTX 750 Ti probably only has 2GB of VRAM -- try turning down Texture Detail and you probably can't afford to have Anisotropic filtering enabled on that card.

I have everything on low exept this:

  • Huge Dynamical Range;
  • High Shader Quality;
  • Color Correction.

The problem is: When I'm in squad and play on Orb Vallis and flying with my archwing then fast rotate camera, the game freezes for awhile, frames drops on ~5 sometimes on 10, and also affects transition from open world to the caves or corpuses base, the game freezes on entrances for awhile and starts normaly until textures load, but FPS drops drastical, and I don't think that is a problem with my GPU and VRAM. How I can droped FPS from 176 to ~5-10? Can you explain that!?!?

  • How I can play smoothly on PoE, and cannot play smoothly on Orb Vallis without FPS drop and sttutering?
  • What's the difference between PoE and Orb Vallis, exept that vallis have alot more animations which we cannot "Turned Off" to save our suffering from droping FPS, and little bigger open world.
  • If we can get little more options for graphical changing we can help to ourselfs, then we don't need to complaining around forum how we cannot to play smoothly, so if you guys cannot help us, then who can!?
  • And after all, you can play on integrated GPU without any problems orb vallis and I can't with my GPU which have 1GB VRAM, I was concluded that "You suggesting me to buy new and better GPU with more VRAM to play smoothly orb vallis"! Am I right?

This is my GPU:



And this is my in-game settings:



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Nice update thank you..

Got a thought can we please get our beasts kubrows/kavats and hellminth charger (hellhound) so we can command them to hold position or follow maybe, it would make them even more useful than they are now I love my pets but this would make them even better.

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65 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working. melee is literally unplayable at it's current state which begs the question about how you guys want a "uninterrupted melee system".



Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:




  • atlas's loincloth is buggy when using weapons like heavy blade swords and single handed pistols.



  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped




  • perla pistol skin is bugged for stubba, euphona prime, and pandero once again.



euphona prime




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vor 6 Stunden schrieb [DE]Megan:

Pets no longer suffer negative effects from a lack of Loyalty or Integrity! Integrity and Loyalty are now strictly a bonus on top of your Pet’s base Health and Damage. This also removes the function of auto-Stasis when Loyalty and Integrity hits 0, at which your Pet will just simply not have a bonus and continue to live peacefully. The Pet Incubator has undergone many changes, and these are small steps in a larger plan to simplify this system for a more streamlined structure. 

Now all we need is a way of having more than one pet active at the same time.
With DNA more or less gone, this now is closer than ever before.

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6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • Fixed Coolant Raknoids damaging Limbo through the Rift.

hahaha thought it was their thing, like they were specially made to counter warframe abilities, like those bubbleheads, turns out it was a bug 😅

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