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Riven Trading & Toolbuilders: Phase 1

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As MatNova mentioned the new pop data is basically useless so could we get a explanation if that is the intended new format or is it just a mistake? If it is intended can we get a reason why because I fail to see any benefit in it.
And while I'm at it, what is the point of having "<ARCHWING>" in compatibility when there is itemType that specifies what type of weapon the given riven is for. There isn't  "<PISTOL> ACRID" so why do arch weapons have that?

And to end this, a shameless plug:
I'm also working on a site that shows the riven data in a human readable table you can find it here:


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Gonna agree about the new popularity being kind of a pain to use - I've been building a website using this data over the past few weeks but the newest batch is a bit unreadable - could we get a developer to give some insight into the changes?


Why does an artax riven (when there was clearly only one traded this week due to med = mean & std dev. of 0) Have the same popularity as a broken scepter or spectra riven (which I estimated to have around at least 20 trades last week).


If there's a reason behind the change, I'd love to hear it. 


Of course, I'm also for a full release of the data pre-parse (without usernames) but I'm also not a security expert or anything, just a nerd with free time.

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Posted (edited)


Too bad the Riven  inventory cant be based on what weapons the players have have....I just want one of each riven for each weapon I have.

oh well....sounds like a nifty system....after a while it will be used less and less as the maximum capacity of 90 is reached.


And of course it will be manipulated by people suing multiple accounts that only hold specific rivens.



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The new changes to popularity have definitely messed up my calculations. I was using the old metric as a way to estimate total sales but that has gone out the window as far as I can tell. I'd love a reason why this was done and a way to use it. 

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I don't disagree it had to be done, that kind of information can be abused by invested parties.


But of all the things mentioned in this thread, you somehow managed to implement only the most negative one (from an information standpoint), and in the most lazy way possible.

Having mean and stddev in there is just asking to be gamed, as evidenced by the veiled Riven mods on PC yet again. I still think that instead having the data required to create boxplots would be far better.

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Apologies if I am being repetitive here, but this weeek there is more evidence of data from trades involving multiple rivens being accounted on the statistics.

Item type









Shotgun Riven Mod









Melee Riven Mod









A very unlikely max value of 4204 for two different rivens. 

Also, on the topic of the change in how pop values are displayed... Having 483 out of 576 rivens with a pop of 1 is not very informative. Kunai and Supra, for example, have the same popularity of 1. So, I have a suggestion. 

Looking at the data from the last weeks, it looks like veiled rivens (without considering veiled archgun rivens) account for 30~35% of all trades. So, there is a huge difference between the number of trades of veiled rivens and other rivens. I suggest making two different rankings for popularity: one with veiled rivens only (not considering archgun), and one with the rest of the rivens. 


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