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Riven Trading & Toolbuilders: Phase 1

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Can you please put these links on a more visible page? I don't see any other post or site where you can easily find the data. If a new player comes in they won't find this list because you only posted it here.

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This data isn't in a particularly usable format for the average person. I'm not a data analytics professional.

While we're on the subject of rivens though, you know what would bring the prices and scamming down? Making the riven-rolling RNG less heinous. Just take off the stuff no one will ever want. -combo duration? That's not desirable. And it's not unbalanced because most rolls people actually use don't have a negative that makes a difference anyway. If I didn't have to roll 60 times to get something usable, good rivens would be more plentiful and therefore less expensive. Face it, the fact that a whole class of mods exist that can make your weapon WORSE is just mean.

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