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Ember Rework Idea

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First of all, the values expressed are just examples for a better understanding of the ideas I have came up with.


Ember will have two different passives where one of them will interact with her abilities.

First Passive - Phoenix’s Rebirth:

Taking fatal damage puts Ember into a state of rebirth, after 5 seconds in this state Ember emits a large explosion that knocks down any enemies around her (similar to Fire Blast ability).

- Shields, health and energy are replenished to their maximum.

- This passive has a 60 seconds cooldown.


Second Passive - Heat Load:

An icon is displayed on the screen indicating the percentage of "Heat Load" being generated (Similar to Saryn’s Spores ability).

- "Heat Load" is stored up to 100%.

- "Heat Load" is generated upon killing enemies who have been damaged or affected by Ember's abilities.

The percentage gained by each enemy killed needs balancing in order to make it “fair” and not too OP.

e.g. killing an enemy generates 2% or 3% of "Heat Load".


- "Heat Load" also provides varied Ability Strength according to its percentage.

e.g. if your “Heat Load” is at 75% then you’re getting a 75% Ability Strenght increase.


First Ability - Fire Warden:

Envelops Ember in a barrier of protective fire, reducing incoming damage.

This is a channeled ability and is related to the passive "Heat Load" since it consumes generated "Heat Load" rather than energy.

- Damage reduction is capped at 90%.

- Costs 25% of “Heat Load” to activate.

- Drains 3% of “Heat Load” per second.

“Heat Load “cost and drain are affected by efficiency and duration mods.

Fire Warden will also protect Ember from status effects if “Heat Load” is at 70% or above.


Second Ability - Accelerant:

This ability is fine as it is; it provides Ember some sort of crowd control and a nice damage boost, so I don’t think it needs to be reworked.


Third Ability - Fire Blast:

Again this ability is fine as it is, maybe the fire ring radius should be affected by range mods.


Fourth Ability - World on Fire:

My main concern with this ability is the energy increased cost when overheat kicks in.

Most players tend to use efficiency mods on Ember to keep this ability always active and also to counter the energy cost of this skill and forget that duration mods also affects energy drain per second, so you either waste out 2 mod slots that you could make better use of, or you need to use 2 sets of arcane energizes which most players can’t afford.

So I think the overheat drain cost should be decreased.


Possible interaction between World on Fire with "Heat Load" passive:

Right now, according to Wikipedia, World on Fire targets a maximum of 5 enemies at once.

Maybe this number could be increased depending on how much “Heat Load” Ember has at different moments.

e.g. for each 20% of “Heat Load”, World on Fire will target 1 additional enemy.

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So right of the bat, they're not putting 100% bonus ability strength on a passive. They're ago not gonna give her back a DR ability, they removed her original DR ability cause they didn't want one on her. And i don't think you've actually addressed any of the real issues with WoF, namely wth how passive it is, which goes directly against DEs own sentiments, and decreasing the drain just pushes into what it was before.

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