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Coming Soon: Devstream #126!

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Who:  Rebecca is joined by the usual crew!

What: It is time to learn more about Wisp and her powers! What will our 40th Warframe bring to the Origin System? Tune in to find out and more!

Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes and during the Livestream as well as an Equinox Prime Access Pack!

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe

Twitch Drop: No Twitch Drop this week as we work on some maintenance!

When: Join us this Friday, April 5th at 2 p.m EDT!

Please ask your questions here! Thread closes at 10 a.m EDT on Friday, April 5th!

By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!


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Hey guys!

1. Would you consider raising the lower riven disposition cap to 0.8 or 1.0, to avoid riven mods for popular/meta weapons getting hit too hard by disposition shifts? Some of these rivens have a lot of work put into them, and it would suck to see them almost completely depowered.

2. You recently tweaked pet Loyalty and Integrity to make them optional stat bonuses, and mentioned that this is the start of a series of incoming optimizations for the pet Stasis system. Could you elaborate on what this rework will entail?

3. Do you have any plans to tweak the way Hildryn's Shield Pillage works? Currently, it's practically useless against most Infested, low level Grineer, and all Grineer/Infested in full Corrosive Projection squads. Allowing it to sap health instead of armor for extra shields, possibly at reduced efficiency, could solve this problem.

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Any plans for Amps for other Tenno abilities besides Void Laser? For example, a Void Blast Amp that acts as a melee weapon of sorts (gauntlet, sword, dagger, etc) for better enhancing the Tenno Void blast abilities. A Void dash amp that improves their innate movement while enhancing the Void Dash related abilities. Lastly, a Void Shadow or Void Mode amp that improved Void Shadow while improving our base core attributes?

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Will we get a boss fight for PoE that allows us to farm the PoE resources like the exploiter does in OV?

I personally like to stab enemies in the face rather than stand next to a lake and throw my spear at fishes


post Update 26 EDIT:

seems like the addition of the Tusk Thumpers has answered my question.

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  • Will we see a rebalance on Cetus's decoration prices to be more accessible and in-line with ticker's in Fortuna?
  • What is the size of the Railjack Dojo hangar compared with Obstacle Course rooms? 
  • Since on a previous devstream you advised solo players to think about building ghost clans for the Railjack update can it be assumed that members from an alliance can also team up for Railjack missions?

Kudos to the whole team, and I want to make clear how much I loved your interview with Mogamu! There should be more of these moments where devs talk more freely and about a great variety of topics asked by the community. 😄

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1. Is there consideration to allowing Prime Noggle eligibility through Prime Accessory purchases?

2. Jat Kittag. Will it get an effect similar to the Wolf Sledge?

3. Will there be special passives added to the Stradavar and Tipedo Primes?

4. When Wolf of Saturn 6 Ends, what will replace it? Will there be another special weapon?

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Here’s a suggestion:


1. Roll back all Rivens as of April 1

2. All Rivens in circulation as of April 1 will be locked out from being tradable and will be considered Legacy Rivens

3. Legacy Rivens will retain their stats as of April 1 and will not be retroactively affected by any Disposition changes. However, if Legacy Rivens are rerolled, the most recent disposition changes will be applied on them and will be now available for trade.

4. Keep the Disposition changes as is and will only affect Rivens in circulation as of April 2 and Legacy Rivens which have been rerolled.

5. You’ve just hit 2 Synovias with a one charge Lanka by killing the Blackmarket of Rivens and teach people not to scam newbies by paying them cheap prices while ensuring that those people who have actually spent effort, time, plats/real money on obtaining their God-tier rivens remain happy. 


Also, some QoL in Fortuna and Cetus:

1. Would it be possible to access Operator settings without going into Operator mode?

2. Would it be possible to have a Foundry in Cetus and Fortuna so that no need to leave these places just to create our zaws/kitguns/ores?

3. Can I switch off that zoom effect when zooming in using the gear to mine ores? i’m afraid it will trigger a seizure on my end one of these days. 

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1. Any plans for a Baro like merchant that only travels between the hub relays of the open world areas?

2. Any plans for Stalker mode to come in a nightwave?

3. Has there been any thoughts for player housing on Fortuna/Cetus as a secondary spot that can be solo customized that isn't your orbiter/railjack?

4. Details of when the Ordis quest is coming?


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Would you consider making both sides of Equinox separately modable?
You could even add the separate challenge of making each half separate in leveling or make it so forma only applies to one side.
There are so many builds that are only for one side or the other.

I would like to be able to utilize both her sides in one mission without the build I was using hurting performance.

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Any plans to make Transference client based as weapon swap? currently 90% of the time, when going into operator as a client is really slow and ends up on shifted position and/or turned camera, ruining the fast paced movement with swaps-> void dashes

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For dojos, after a bigger clan Hall has been built, could we be allowed to deconstruct the lesser halls? As of now my clan has a third floor that only consists of older Clan halls because they can not be deconstructed as long as a larger hall exists and because we can only have 1 copy of a hall, I am unable to build it elsewhere to then deconstruct.

For amps, it has been said that our tenno are to become warriors. Could we see this in a form of more arcane spots on amps? With of course the caveat that those  arcanes can not stack. I would love to have multiple damage types on my amp, making these modular weapons even more unique.

For ephemera, Could we see the ability to have both a body and step ephemeras on the same frame? I would enjoy a combination of smoking body and shocking step.

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A long time ago we’ve been shown the Orbiter and what the physical appearance would look like, are there still plans to have it being shown when returning from missions, and would the orbiter’s interior continue to grow with more rooms and hallways?


With Earth and Venus receiving open world maps, will those planet’s tilesets receive an overhaul to better match the planet’s openworld appearance?


I was wondering what the future of conclave is? I know a racing option was mentioned. But I would personally also like to see the game mode as a whole be redone.

Warframe has been inspired by some other assets of other games.

I was wondering if game modes like those of unreal tournament or even destiny’s pvp modes would be able to be incorporated into Warframe.

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Will there be more consideration of K-drives getting any sort of buff? RIght now their rather lackluster and slower in comparison to Archwings in open world and serve not much purpose besides "it's just fun"

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