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Coming Soon: Devstream #126!

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@[DE]Rebecca Here is a list of questions and suggestions for the Devstream:

  • What happened to the Venus/Orb Vallis floating iceberg?

  • Will the Gamma colour palette ever return? Even for just a limited time.

  • Rewards from past events or the events themselves ever returning when?

  • Will we receive any word about Chroma or Vauban rework?

  • Will kuva in Kuva survival ever scale?

  • Will old primes like Frost or Mag receive a new primed look to bring them up to date with newer primes?

  • Will we ever see any new mission types for PoE? Like something out of bounties from Konzu or maybe some kind of Endless Bounty.

  • Dare I ask, but will Primed Chamber ever make a return?

  • Will we ever hear anything on the Kingpin system?

  • Will all the bodies of water in the Plains of Eidolon get more plant life or anything of the sort? I saw the Plains of Eidolon remaster and I just want some confirmation we will see more life in the ponds and lakes.

  • Will Sentinels ever be able to roam our Orbiters like our companions can. In The war Within we had our Sentinel float by across our screen.

  • Will Volt ever receive any cloth physics?

  • Will we ever get a heavy minigun? Not a rifle but a full out Minigun. Maybe since we can use archwing guns now in missions.

  • PBR treatments for more weapons or older warframes soon?

  • What happened to Zephyr Deluxe skin and what’s the status on other deluxe skins?

  • Will we ever see the Misery Acolyte? What is your reason for not bringing him back?

  • Flying Eidolon status?

  • Tenno Flak Cannon like from Unreal Tournament would be awesome!

  • Anything to say about that Prime operator amp?

  • New Ayatan Sculptures sometime?

  • Will we be able to replay older quests such as Patient Zero?

  • New prime archwings or archweapons? Itzal Prime or Imperator Prime would be awesome!

  • New Landing Crafts? Or maybe make the abilities of landing crafts more viable?

  • More plant like decorations for Orbiter?

  • Boss reworks: The Sergeant, Hyena Pack, Phorid, Zanuka Hunter?

  • Visual battle damage status?

  • Will we ever be able to go in or up to the Unum Tower or maybe do more with the Helminth’s room?

  • Resource models and decorations for Tellurium, oxium, etc?

  • Updates on Ordis Quest?

  • Orb Vallis vignette?

  • Will Cetus/Quill arcanes receive the prebuilt treatment like Fortuna and Vox?

  • Option to use different archwing in archwing launcher like how we can use a certain archgun for archgun deployer?

  • Will the other two Prime Sigils (Verlorum and Cycuta) receive the proper metallics?

  • Will we see more options for articulas? I’d like to be able to use different forms of a warframe like equinox, khora, nidus, etc.

  • Can we get Prime noggles immediately upon purchase of Prime access? I really don’t want to wait until Christmas for Mesa and Equinox Prime noggles.

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Can I/we get a Railjack Sneak peek?
It's been a while...

Looking forward to that Eerie flower (Hips, I mean... Wisp).

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Will the Orbiter eventually get customizable lighting colors like Dojos?

Will Titania get a custom movement set like Wisp?

Will the Tatsu get customizable holstering?

Could Operator hair accessories (like ponytail ties) get their own color channels, instead of inherting colors from other areas?

Question for Steve regarding Railjack: You've talked a little bit about Railjack potentially making Warframe more seamless later down the line, and it's been said you don't want it to be another obscure, cloistered game mode like old Archwing missions or Lunaro. Yet we've been told the Railjack vessel is something that's maintained and modified via the dojo, and operated as a clan. Wouldn't this pigeonhole Railjack as a gamemode into a similar niche that raiding found itself in? Wouldn't there need to be a personal variation of the ship and the mode to accomplish the aforementioned goals?

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There a chance that Atlas could be getting a change in some of his abilities?  I'm a fan of Atlas, but summoning stone Bros has never really felt like it meshed with who he is.  Could there be a possibility for an augment mod for his rumblers that instead encases him in rock to make Atlas a larger, titan-sized brawler?  Maybe he could have increased health and armor to compensate?  I don't ever see other Atlas players, and I find myself hardly ever playing him myself; I'd love to see him stomping around the battlefield especially with that shiny new deluxe skin in the works.

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1. I've almost bought everything out of Fortuna and I don't know what to do with my excess rep. Can you add some sort of consumable for sale to incentivize people to continue to return to Fortuna outside of events, such as something like a "kitgun short term power booster," an "echo lure charge that summons army of kubrodons to kill enemies," etc?

2. For Profit Taker fights, can we get "unmixable" elemental mods that won't combine with other elements?

3. Can we apply different skins for different Equinox forms?

4. Will we get more variety in Kitgun types

5. Will we ever get to play Komi/Mahjong in game?

6. Modular Archguns?

7. Compared to Fortuna, Cetus items and arcanes are a lot more expensive. Will you go back and adjust the pricing so that Cetus items are on level with Fortuna?

8. Operator amp damage feels week compared to warframes, will we get any way to buff the damage to be on par with a fully modded primary?

9. How is progress with the white-board road map? are you on schedule?

10. Will we get another Darvo Fire Sale this year?

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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Wisp and her powers

I know you guys have been pressurized by the community outcry previously about frame abilities not having enough synergies, but I have to tell you that 'hurting ownself to gain energy', 'siphoning enemies' shield or armor' etc are not abilities synergies, they are band-aids in disguise. Too much band-aids abilities nowadays in which the abilities should actually be abilities and not things that can be done with energy pizza for example.

I think you guys have forgotten about some good synergies abilities, for example from Saryn or Nidus. They don't have band-aids abilities that siphon enemies shield or armor etc, yet their abilities work well with each other.

Please don't let Wisp's become another victim of forced band-aids synergies abilities that the outcrys wanted. Please don't let those who design frame's abilities sway off the path too much, or someone more capable will have to take over. 

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Are you guys planning to rework the faction syndicate system in the future? The only reason I ask this is because...

  • It hasn't changed much since it was introduced, it has gotten quite stale & monotonous, plus you could bring forth the newer mission modes you've introduced over the years. I'm talking Archwing integration, Railjack missions, Defections, Kuva Survivals, stuff like that.
  • There needs to be a stronger emphasis on each figurehead. I prefer them to act like Eudico, not take a back seat like Konzu.
  • They seem pretty aimless. Solaris United, the Ostrons, even sorties provide more in-depth mission descriptions & overall objectives. I want to IMMERSE myself into the syndicates.
  • There are ENDLESS ideas for rewards that could come from this system BESIDES Warframe augment mods. Warframe armor sets, Operator suits (Even the Vent Kids got operator suits before the likes of Steel Meridian, this is sin, blasphemy!), Emblems, REAL Glyphs (Not those awkward faces, those give me the creeps), Noggles, Warframe skins, Pet cosmetics, Robotic cosmetics, Landing Craft skins, K-Drive scrawls, Weapon skins, Railjack-...You get my point.
  • Standing needs to be independent, NO shared standing pool that slows things down to a crawl, and the Sigils should remain completely cosmetic.

I didn't theme my clan off of Steel Meridian for nothing, so please give this old system some love. There is so much potential with the faction syndicates, yet we haven't seen that potential fully realized yet. I know you guys have so much stuff planned for the future, but don't forget about older content like this.

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Any information about ray tracing in the future?


Any Canadian reward system feature about contributors in the clan?

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Any plans or inclinations to follow up on changes you've suggested over the past four years+ or are we going to get more empty promises and "new" content that ignores / band-aids the game's core problems? Again.

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Have you actually considered buffing the power of "outdated" weapons up to the current level instead of nerfing "meta" weapons? Clearly the band-aid that you intended for rivens to be is completely failing you. Then the rivens for weaker/less popular weapons will actually be worth having a riven for, and potentially increasing the use of said weapon(s).

Are there any thoughts of adjusting either the rate at which kuva can be earned or decreasing how much kuva it costs to reroll rivens?

When is the next phase of Melee 3.0 coming out?

Are primary kitguns still on the agenda?

Are the new Warframes still getting lore? If so I have missed it.

Did you guys actually boost the Wolf of Saturn Six's spawn rate? If so, what is it? I have still only seen him once.

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New ideas to ask about
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2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Who:  Rebecca is joined by the usual crew!

What: It is time to learn more about Wisp and her powers! What will our 40th Warframe bring to the Origin System? Tune in to find out and more!

Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes and during the Livestream as well as an Equinox Prime Access Pack!

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe

Twitch Drop: No Twitch Drop this week as we work on some maintenance!

When: Join us this Friday, April 5th at 2 p.m EDT!

Please ask your questions here! Thread closes at 10 a.m EDT on Friday, April 5th!

By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!


Make an Octavia prime and more skins for her

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I hope you guys address the issue with Exalted weapons causing full weapon lock-outs.


Also I hope you address archwing grineer being SUPER slow and archwing corpus being SUPER fast


Also, the Artax sentinel weapon is procing cold with NO slow.


So many bugs.

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With the recent addition of bounty huts to the plains, is there any chance of further quality of life improvements? Something like the "buy completed bait for standing from Biz" or "find fish parts in crates in the environment" mechanics from Fortuna. Not going to lie, the ostron fish grind broke me. 

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When are the featured dojo's going to change to the second and 3rd place winners!?!?!?! it's been the same one for the past 2-3 months... when do we get to see the others....

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TL;DR: Any chance we can permanently bind ability Augments to frames without consuming a mod slot ion return for some heavy investment?

Hey guys! Something that it seems like both DE and players want more of in game is to reward investment in your arsenal, i.e. things like weapon rivens and unlocking dual-color energy on forma'd items.

Would you consider the possibility of adding some similar investment loop specific to warframes? You have already addressed the possibility of warframe rivens in the negative, and personally i think you have good reason to. Warframe does have some inevitable issues with power creep as you continue to find ways to reward our effort and investment. BUT... augments are a very cool and well-implemented way to spice up the behavior of your warframe, and for many augments (such as Saryn's Regenerative Molt) many see it as de-facto requirements for use of many frames in higher level play. I think an interesting way to reward frame investment without adding too much power creep would be developing a high-investment pathway to permanently bind these augments to a frame, without the use of traditional mod slots or mod capacity (or possibly some reduced mod capacity for balance concerns). While I dont have a solid idea for what this pathway would look like, perhaps it involves meeting certain criteria (like completing Nightwave-like objectives) with the frame, or simply involving accumulating a large amount of experience or mission use with a particular frame.

Just a humble opinion; this can definitely open a can of worms for some frames (looking at my girl Equinox), but I think such a pathway would have its place in the game for many players, who often have a few favorite frames they use on a regular basis. Thanks!


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Will we see an operator gameplay improvement and an actual way to rank up amp without having to be half afk in onslaught elite sanctuary (operator mission) in a not too far future ?

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Will the Orbiter ever get a garden with which players could grow plants that they would then harvest for extracts?

What's the ETA on secondary energy colors? Or is it just "soon" for now?

Would it be possible to give the Synthesis Scanner a Zoom Widget?

Are we ever going to see the Orbiter from the outside? Outside of the Codex I mean.

If there are to be more Umbra frames, will they come out with Umbra guns too? For that matter, what would be the story behind Trinity Umbra if she becomes reality?

Considering Retrieve can't be used to pick up extracts anymore, will Helios or maybe Oxylus get a mod that let's them collect plant extracts even after the plants' have their codex entries filled? Maybe include the wild Kavats if scanning them still nets DNA?

By the way, if the hacking minigame in Warframe gets replaced, what are the odds it'll be by carrying some grenade-shaped device that Tenno plant on a console and wait for Ordis to hack his way through before retrieving the item?

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Any news on the Kingpin System? It's been a year since it was talked about on Dev Stream with saying that it was almost done. Was the system pushed aside for other content or did it have be redone?

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any possible changes to  wolf in the last weeks of the nightwave cause so far his spawn rate is bad and the drops badder

here is the list of drops for me so far

3-4 molten impacts

1 north wind

1 fever strike either that or it was the grim fury mod

all fights took atleast 10-20mins with full squad 

also any plans on adding pets like sawgawls and pobbers as orbiter cosmatics

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As always here is my list of questions:

Nora Night questions:

  1. Nora playing some music as a DJ when? This is the perfect occasion to put Tenno Tunes vol. 1, 2 and 3 (Soon™ vol. 4) into the game! 😄
  2. Clem talk show when?
  3. Warframe podcasts in radio when?
  4. Konzu Coast to Coast talk show when?

New frames questions:

  1. New frames having meaningful quests when?
  2. Frame components as rewards for said meaningful quests when?

Fortuna questions:

  1. Tony Hawk's Skateboarding soundtrack when?
  2. Jet Set Radio spraying mechanics when?
  3. Mini-quests when? Please add mini-quests or meaningful bounties for Fortuna. We want to do more than bounties.
  4. Pets 2.0?
  5. Third orb mother activation when? Exploiter and Water orb heists when?
  6. No more cooldown for arch-guns when?
  7. Arch-guns not sucking when?
  8. More raknoids when?
  9. Grineer raknoids when?
  10. Raknoid mount when?
  11. Higher toroid drop rate when?

PoE questions:

  1. More archwings when?
  2. Archwing fashionframe when?
  3. Sentient arm gun when?
  4. Sentient transporter when?
  5. Archwing secondaries when?
  6. Archwing melee stances when?
  7. Prime fishing rod when?
  8. Extractors working on PoE like any other planet when? (I have a very sad distilling extractor prime)
  9. Vendor selling rugs when?
  10. PoE mini-quests when? (For example: catch alive that big fish in the coast for 10k-20k mastery, or find a mine rich with ore, or a kid lost his pet Condroc and you need to find it)
  11. When will you change Cetus arcanes from Bps to fully built ones just like in Fortuna?
  12. When will you add bonuses to bounties in PoE just like in Fortuna?

Questions from previous devstream topic:

  1. When will you make Tonkor great again? Or at least when will you release Prisma Wraith AkTonkor Vandal Prime?
  2. Friendly fire when? Radiation from sorties isn't enough.
  3. When will you nerf other "cheesy" frames, focuses and guns (looking at you Inaros, Nidus, Mesa Naramon and Tigris series)?
  4. Tonkor's grenades bounciness revert when?
  5. Tonkor revert back to previous crit chance when?

Some serious questions:

  1. Sentient invasions when?
  2. Baro when?
  3. Pablo appearance during devstream when? (that one with Rebb doesn't count)
  4. Better loot from higher lvl enemies when?
  5. Not ridiculous armour and HP scaling of our enemies when?
  6. Tenno grenade launcher when?
  7. Kuva boss when?
  8. Orokin derelict matchmaking when?
  9. Excavation extractor HP and shield lvl scaling when?
  10. Stances for primary weapons when? You know you want it 😄
  11. Silva & Aegis buff when?
  12. Mutagen Sample drop from infested mission nodes when?
  13. Mutagen Sample drop chance equal to that of Fieldron Sample or Detonite Ampule when?
  14. Lore events (like mutation of Salad V) incorporated into quest system when?
  15. Shield-gating when? Hildryn isn't enough.
  16. TennoGen items for plat when?
  17. Different defence missions when? For example use the "defending the colony" type of mission for some of the Corpus dark sector nodes.
  18. Boss taunting us throughout planet's nodes when? I really loved when sometimes Zombie Salad V appeared in exterminate on Eris (and yet you fixed it).
  19. Lotus talking about boss during missions when?
  20. Ordis quest when?
  21. John Prodman quest when?
  22. Zephyr Deluxe Skin when?
  23. Second Clem quest when? Also waiting for "The Clem Within" quest.
  24. Phorid rework when?
  25. Phorid boss arena rework when?
  26. Tenno space program unfix when?
  27. Different enemies based on planets and bosses when?
  28. Misery when?
  29. IPS changes when?
  30. What killed me message when?
  31. Khora getting her whip instead of Strangledome when?
  32. Tricking game into thinking we play with more players in solo mode for increased spawns when? Partially answered. I will leave this one here.
  33. Fixing endless modes for solo players when? Same as above.
  34. Hydroid and Zephyr Prime trailers WHEN?
  35. Private servers for mods other then conclave WHEN?
  36. Rework of session creating and network connection WHEN?
  37. Limbo and Chroma Prime trailers WHEN?
  38. Itzal Prime WHEN??
  39. Melee 3.0 WHEN?
  40. Mesa Prime trailer WHEN?
  41. Operator void-powered blade arm WHEN?
  42. Equinox Prime WHEN?

Questions answered:

  1. Invasion outcome actually changing node's faction when?
  2. Umbra when?
  3. Earth remaster when?
  4. Clan nemesis system when?
  5. Operator interacting with pets when?
  6. Focus changes when?
  7. Tenno shotgun when?
  8. More mandachord sound packs when?
  9. Operative not being stupid when (e.g. going into toxin in sortie kuva defense)? Hey you fixed that before Devstream, not fair!
  10. Wraith weapons/appearance colouring when?
  11. Orbiter's door opposite to infested door opening when?
  12. Other planet remasters when?
  13. A working map of plains when? (Current one is not very functional)
  14. Different Teralyst models when?
  15. Khora when?
  16. Warframe & Operator using two waypoints pls unfix.
  17. Tenno hover bikes when? (Dargyns will are be cool but not "hover bike" cool)
  18. Flying through space with our orbiter when? RAILJACK ❤️ ❤️
  19. Alphonse Elric skin when?
  20. Tricks and leaps of faith for our hoverboard when? ❤️ ❤️
  21. Spider pets when? (Please make cute ones just like jumping spiders with hats made of water droplets) ❤️ ❤️ (more likely then the pet below)
  22. Bird companion when (we need one for Pirate-Tentacle Prime)?
  23. Orb killing when?
  24. Tonkor's grenades exploding on impact with enemies when?
  25. No more holding fire to aim with Tonkor when?
  26. Very BIG indicator where the grenades are when? At least now it's almost idiot-proof.
  27. Tonkor 6 meter indicator when? Same as above.
  28. Radio chatter being significant when? It needs so much love. OMG!! Thank you for changing radio to Nora Night's auditions! 😄
  29. How long will a series last?

Keep up the good work! 🙂
But please reconsider at least some changes to Tonkor (you did revert changes made to Sonicor). 🙂

@[DE]Rebecca, pls answer some questions from my list. 🙂

Also a big shoutout to Space Mom for reading and answering my questions! ❤️ ❤️

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Hi, it's me again.

Will you consider another way to get the Prime Glyphs? It's really frustrating to farm for the latest Prime Access or Prime Vault and just wanting to get the accesories and glyphs but you have to pay for what you've already farmed for in order to get what you want. I don't want the platinum or the "free" slots, I just want the cosmetics.

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