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Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.6.1


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2 hours ago, Voltage said:

EDIT: Wait a second:

So we will not be refunded the resources and time lost crafting Arcanes (Oxium, Cryotic, hundreds of Breath of the Eidolon, hundreds of Cetus Wisps, hundreds of mining gems, fishing while skipping Eidolons due to night cycle fish, Eidolon farming, reputation investments, etc.), but we will be refunded these?:


Pretty fair since players aren't refunded their plat for buying them from you. 

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14 minutes ago, MacAaroni said:

You prefer them being fully built but you don't think they should? Why?

I enjoyed getting the stuff to build them with the blueprints. I mean you get tons of rewards for bounties already, having to research and build them just felt right. I dont think there are many recipes requiring gems anymore is there?

Most of my friends find me unbiased towards mostly everything. I am good at seeing both sides. I will miss having to craft them, but it's nice at the same time.

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5 minutes ago, Talinthis said:

I enjoyed getting the stuff to build them with the blueprints. I mean you get tons of rewards for bounties already, having to research and build them just felt right. I dont think there are many recipes requiring gems anymore is there?

Most of my friends find me unbiased towards mostly everything. I am good at seeing both sides. I will miss having to craft them, but it's nice at the same time.

That is a fair outlook on it, only thing i would argue is that there is already so much that needs to be crafted in the game. Having some items in the game that you don't have to spend additional grinding for is a huge relief, especially for something like Arcanes that aren't necessarily required at all. I think it's better for these type of very optional items to be a little easier to obtain. Definitely need to find something useful to spend some of the resources on though. 

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il y a 5 minutes, Ssalem a dit :

Oh come on. It's not that 15% duration or 100 more energy that's going to break the camel's back.



I'm angry just looking at those builds. It feels like seeing a drunkard unjustly berating his hardworking and patient wife in public, or someone proudly saying he'll cut the tail and ears of his dog for "esthetic reasons".

Not having the """best build""" is okay, but don't gimp your frames to underperform by putting 8 tons of malus at once while at the same time cutting their toes and fingers off just so it can "fit" (cinderella style)... also, by now, you should have so many formas available (since you barely use any for your frames), so you can probably do them one by one without taking the risk of "not having a specific type of frame" for a mission (as in "don't start forma-ing all your tanks at the same time" ). You can safely add at least ONE forma per frame, more might require thinking it through, as, at some point, a specific polarity might make some builds cost MORE points, in turn needing another forma on a different polarity to compensate and allow more builds.

As for the leveling part, there are plenty of things you can do, to do it faster and smarter...

random picks out of the bag-of-tenno-wisdom : 

1) Higher levels = higher affinity

2) Stealth kills give a bonus which can seriously help, and stealth kills aren't required to be done in melee, there is a logic to it. Tip : Knowing where to attack is half the thing, so don't forget about the enemy detection aura...

from 1 and 2, you should seek some mission like Adaro on Sedna.

3) Hydron's 1st 10 waves are crap, people rushing like "1->5->Exit" are the worst, and they have no excuses (not "credits", there is a dark sector next to it, do it for credits, or better, INDEX; not "XP", there is a spy next to it too that gives way more affinity and way faster if the player isn't a total –BEEP–; not "loot" either, because if a player comes to hydron for loot, and go at wave 5, he actually hasn't paid any attention to the A-A-B-C cycle of rewards, or their actual content). At wave 10 and up, you'll see Nox(e)s and eximuses much more often, so...

4) Eximus units : worth way more than your standard enemy. Even more so if they are eximus of some ELITE or HEAVY units. Especially it the level is higher. (A.K.A. stay to wave 20 in hydron, and watch how much you got, then stay to wave 25 and watch how much you got. Of course, this depend of another little thing. 

5) The quantity of enemies : the more players, and the higher the level,  the more "points" the game can use to spawn enemies,( and there is a limit to how many enemies can be spawned at the same time, 1st, for performance reasons, but it is also limited by the number of players) with a bonus for a full 4-players squad. You will want higher level, numerous, enemies, but what happen when the max amount of enemies is reached ? The game starts using more "costly" units (heavies, elites, eximus, elite eximus, etc) so it is able to spend its points as required.

It means "get into a group dedicated to reaching a higher wave, whenever possible" via the recruitment chat, if no one answer, try your luck anyway, and don't forget to educate those who would go in "just for half a level" or "for credits" etc, as they'd surely prefer to actually have the thing they came for, in the least time possible.

6) Syndicate.   Weapons.   Rules ! : The syndicate primary and secondaries, as well as melees with the syndicate mods, have access to a whole panel of effects, one pack for each syndicate.

They all give you a buff of some sort, they all give you a recharge of something (HP/shield/energy...), but more importantly, they give you an AoE explosion with a 25m range, with guaranteed status proc, on a base of 1K dmg. Use those you prefer or those which damage type fits better with your enemies, or have the best overall dmg amount/efficiency for you. All those kills from the AoE or subsequent dmg, they count 100% toward your FRAME. Not "HALF" because it was a weapon, not 25% because someone else made the kill...

Have 3 of those on you, use them in order, in the right spot, and you can wipe a room clean in 2/3 hits. Even in Hydron. (what would happen to those poor grineers if they took an armor reduction proc, then a viral proc, and then a gas proc ? :clem: 

7) Affinity boosters are a thing. They do actually exist. If you cannot stand a """slow""" pace of leveling, then get one and use it well. DE isn't so cruel to never let you have one unless you spend plats. There are rare crates with 30Min/1hour boosters in it,  (enough for 1/2 formas I'd say), but doing sorties or even simply login in can get you one of those for hours/days. Then you just have NOT to sit on it and remember to put a forma on a frame and go with it.


Now you Know, You better not be cutting that tail or ears, and be nice to the lady !

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3 minutes ago, Jairoguy said:

good stuff, tho i would really like to be able to adjust the screen shake intensity, its a bit too much sometimes

I think DE trys to avoid adding sliders to everything as it would just cause so much clutter, but i know that you can turn the screen shake off in the Display settings. You don't really notice you ever had screen shake once it's off, so i'd suggest it personally.

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2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.6.1


  • Changed Rahn Prism Blueprint to require 3 Seram Beetle Shells instead of Glappid Bait.


  • Fixed the Film Grain setting always being enabled. 
  • Fixed several crashes when resetting your key bindings to defaults.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when transitioning from the Plains back to Cetus. 
  • Fixed a crash when dying.
  • Fixed a random crash that randomly happened at random. Did we mention it's random?
  • Fixes towards Multishot Mods potentially not working with the Simulor. 

Known Issues:

  • Loc-Pins skyrocket out of reach making them inaccessible to remove.
    • Script will be run tomorrow to refund Loc-Pins back.

Please add the 16x choice back, the game now pains my eyes to the point where I find it hard to even play cause of how blurry and pixely it is

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Not sure if bug or feature, but after testing it out, the glow effect on the Vaykor Sydon does not change with either of the energy color options. And that's if I change dual color options on both the warframe and the weapon itself (it stays the default white.)

If it's a feature, it would be cool for the radial blind stack glow to match the trident energy color. This way it doesn't clash and we can all have a rainbow of glowing tridents.

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I think this should be worth a ASAP hotfix:

Could be very distracting and occures on all platforms:

I'm afraid to ask again, but please DE fix this logical mistake from update 23.10/24.0:

Breaks the rules of art and fashion:


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Revenant is currently having problems with the Tatus revolving around how many charges he can hold. in the simulacrim he can only hold one and in the plains (haven't test else where) he can hold between 5-9 seemingly at random. upon trying to store more than 5 his charge number can randomly reset to five instead of counting up one. usually not making it to 9.
Also this:

Please address these issues. 

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3 hours ago, fwadiver said:

is it just me or is itzals blink not working right in PoE now?

Yeah, to me it seems that the camera doesn't "drag" behind anymore, which personally helped with directing Itzal's blink better, but now the camera instantly teleports forwards with the player with Itzal, which honestly throws my orientation off. I hope this is a bug and not a change.

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Something doesn't quite feel right. after this update it feels like my melee weapon is ding far less damage overall. currently using the Nami Skyla prime and its doing a third of the damage as it did yesterday against the same enemies. Just wanted to report this because I didn't see anyone else mention it yet.

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69 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working. melee is literally unplayable at it's current state which begs the question about how you guys want a "uninterrupted melee system".



Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:




  • atlas's loincloth is buggy when using weapons like heavy blade swords and single handed pistols.



  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped




  • perla pistol skin is bugged for stubba, euphona prime, and pandero once again.



euphona prime




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3 hours ago, Ssalem said:


The secondary energy colors look amazing. I love them.

However. Would you consider NOT requiring a forma to enable them? I really, really, really, REALLY don't want to forma and then level ~25 frames (or whoever many) just for the sake of this feature alone. Especially since it might interfere with my current builds, and whatever I have planned for them in the future.

Why force this on us? Haven't you got enough feedback from Nightwave that requiring players to Forma things, they don't want and need is just...bad? Why not have it be enabled by potatoing things instead?

Would you mind showing a screenshot or two of the secondary energy colours? As far as I've seen ingame, it doesn't change anything.

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Awesome, great work.

I have a request. Could it be possible to add a mailing system for clans or friends? Right now it's hard to reach or inform clanmembers about clan activity. It seems that players don't look much at clan chat or the clan tab under communication. (Some don't even know it excist). A mailing systeem would solve this problem. 

And thx for delivering this amazing game. 

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5 hours ago, Jarriaga said:

Thanks. Any update on 16x anisotropic filtering option missing?

They removed it. The 2x filtering has been enhanced, and the 16x removed. Its written in the prew patch notes, highlighted with black thicccç letters, yepppp.

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Few things:
1. Vazarin's Protective Dash doesn't work on pets...again..

2. Night at PoE is too dark. And the trees...are a visibility problem when it comes to Eidolon hunts. Could you make them see-through, similar to how see-through allies are under the effects of Unairu's Void Chrysalis, and also allow us to shoot through? And while you're at it, could you do the same for lures? Just my idea of compromise, because I like the trees...during the day only, however.

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