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Vehicles STILL break Vazarin's Protective Dash


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Can confirm, I have this issues with Vazarin protective dash. Cannot heal beast or sentinel companions after using a vehicle in the Plains or Orb Vallis. I was wondering why I couldn't heal my sentinel earlier today. Warframes and Khora's Venari kavat still receives invincibility and healing, but neither beast nor robot companion do. I hope this gets fixed asap. Luckily my beast pets have medi kit, but I have nothing like that for sentinels.

Edit: And this bug is as of on PC for me.

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Bumping this. As of 24.7.2 Vazarin protective dash still does not heal sentinel or beast companions once I mount a k-drive or archwing, and the bug continues until the mission ends. Really annoying not being able to heal pets after using transportation. Seems to have happened after Operation Buried Debts. Other users have reported this as well:

On 2019-04-02 at 5:31 PM, Mulchman said:

Pick Vazarin -> make sure proper focus nodes are activated -> Uranus -> Puck -> spawn in sharkwing, go to the surface, hop in operator and void dash through your Smeeta. The expected result is that your Smeeta should go invulnerable for the duration you've unlocked in the focus school. The actual result is that nothing happens.

Vazarin's healing dash does work in maps like Hydron. It seems to be sharkwing related.

On 2019-03-13 at 8:07 PM, TheFloorIsLava said:

I ran into this bug too. After a bit of testing I can consistently reproduce the following:

- Initially, Vazarin Protective Dash still works upon sentinel correctly.

- Upon entering and leaving an Archwing or K-Drive or Dargyn, Protective Dash no longer affects sentinel for the remainder of stay at that location.

I was able to reproduce these results in Orb Vallis, Plains of Eidelon, and Grineer Sealab missions.

On 2019-03-10 at 6:00 AM, DanyX3 said:

After the Burried Debts update, Protective Dash (Vazarin School) no longer gives immunity and healing to your sentinels, the only change that could possibly be the source of this bug is "Operator Void Dash no longer 'collides' with enemies if you didn't actually moved with your Void Dash." I've noticed this glitch while using Carrier Prime, I'm not sure about other Sentinels or warframes.

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