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Discord, Chat, GOTL and more - updates & conclusions!


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Hi all!

This post is going to reiterate some old information, present some new information, and leave some discussion points for everyone. It's a big one, lots to cover. Sit tight!

Chat Moderation Reminders:
he majority of oversight and reporting goes through paid professionals as of December 2018. Any remaining volunteers are re-trained, re-signed agreements, and have new policies about behaviour. All behaviour has always been logged. The rules followed are DE’s, and no one else’s. Any past transgressions have been dealt with, we don’t blame people for reacting poorly to what information was publicly available. People's public behaviour on their personal spaces do not reflect DE's views as a company.

In this time, there have been organized efforts to falsify reports and clog support, these are examples among many support tickets that have the same paper trail:

1) User asks about kick via support ticket (support is always the place for this, but don't clog it).
2) We research the kick.
3) We find something like this:

Support Ticket Conclusion with evidence: (Username) they are f3gs thats why
Or this:
Support Ticket Conclusion with evidence:: (Username): “I like my lolis like I like my chicken. White, Tender and Moist.”
Or this:
Support Ticket Conclusion with evidence:(username) Ur a faggot

To be extremely clear: our in-game chat is a privilege, not a right. Anyone spamming ‘Nezha is a trap’ or other permutations of spam and then decree victimhood should not be surprised when we don't reverse suspensions. The majority of offenses are temporary in consequence and you can reflect on why you may have gotten kicked in the first place. We will be improving Kickbot’s responsiveness and informative nature if kicks occur, but we have no ETA on this right now.

Formal retiring of Guides of the Lotus program.
This is a difficult decision especially after 4 years of working with an amazing bunch of hardworking volunteers.

The main reason for this is simple:

Everyone wants to help, so why don't we open that up to the community at large!

Taking its place will be a new system - we learned so much from working with volunteers over 4 years. Creating a system where helping a noob, having good advice, or being a kick-ass Frost can be acknowledged by your fellow Tenno is a path we want to go down. We will have an endorsements feature that allows players to acknowledge fellow Tenno for their honor and actions in-game. Stay tuned for more, it's early days still!

Communities are public - and we fault no one for wanting information about what they participate in. There's a handful of readers out there who will confuse a program's retirement and replacement with a player-driven system as a mob-justice victory. For these people, facts - such as retirement conversations internally predating any witch-hunts - do not matter. Regardless of what conclusions you draw - do not harass anyone as a result of a good change for the community.  As we know with Warframe, growth is necessary and the lessons we learned with and through the Guides will be explored on a bigger stage for the community at large.

Creation of a new verified Discord Server:
While we support many English and Non-English fan-servers, we will be setting up a Verified Warframe Discord Server that has a handful of goals:

- Establish a DE-lead News & Events Discord. Who knows, maybe [DE]Steve will grace us with some Beauty and Body art Tips.
- Shine a light on our ‘Players helping Players’ forums through Discord, which will allow keen players to jump on the forums and help.
- Extension of our other community tools. We started Warframe 6+ years ago, before Discord Era. We will simply be using Discord now more officially as an extension of our community toolkit.
- Have a fun / real time 'Bug Bounty' area where we seek out repro steps for some of the most annoying / worst bugs in game. Cowboy hats may be required.
- Be a landing spot for our Discord Store Page.
- If you want to join our soft-launch, click here: discord.gg/playwarframe

Cheers, folks!

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It's been fun being a guide. I know I speak for many of us that we will continue to help those in need to the best of our ability ❤️ It's sad to see the program go but I have high hopes for the new system and it will be great to see the many others who step up to help get the recognition they so dearly deserve. I'll see you guys in game 🙂

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6 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

We will have an endorsements feature that allows players to acknowledge fellow Tenno for their honor and actions in-game. Stay tuned for more, it's early days still! 

Finally!! So many times I wanted to give some kind of honor status to other Tenno for their good actions but nothing seemed to make much difference. Hope this does. Good luck.

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lets talk about consistency in moderation and support.

I have noticed that there are many moments in which a ban, either temporary or permanent, can occur without warning. I understand that there are some security reasons, however, most situations of account banning can come from accidentally leaving on programs that trigger the launcher's anti-cheat system. A system of warning messages or not allowing us to log in because of these external programs will improve the outcome significantly.

Other than that, thanks for the update, nice to see some hard changes are taking place after years of back and forth!

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